Why You're Not Losing Weight Doing Cardio

If jogging is your favorite way to work out, you probably know exactly what to do. You could walk or jog quickly to start the week, ride an exercise bike, or use a rowing machine.

But if you're doing your cardio routine but not seeing results, you might be thinking, "Why am I not losing weight while doing cardio?"

Master trainer for STRIDE Fitness, who breaks down why you're likely not making weight loss progress, along with how you can improve your routine to see noticeable results.

1. You're not being "intentional" with your cardio routine.

More recently, cardio has transitioned from the trend of short, incremental bursts of high-intensity sprints to low-intensity, steady-state cardio.

2. Your body is on cardio overload.

"Take a rest day, maybe two."To end your night, do something outside or go for a walk to stay a little active, but don't underestimate the power of good recovery and getting enough sleep.

3. Your daily caloric intake is off.

Now that we've talked about your cardio routine and why rest days are important, let's talk about how many calories you should eat every day.

4. You're not consistent with your efforts.

Consistency is key no matter your fitness goal. If you're not consistent with your efforts, you can kiss progress goodbye.

5. You haven't established a solid support system.

Having a strong support system that helps you stay on track is one of the most overlooked but most important parts of losing weight.

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