10 Things I Have Learned as a Dog Owner

Dogs as Social Connectors

Dogs serve as natural conversation starters, connecting us with strangers and fostering a sense of community among fellow dog owners.

Come As You Are

I hate to tell you this, but just like newborn babies, not all dogs are cute. Some are frankly kind of weird-looking.

Authentic Disciplinary Approaches

Establishing boundaries with your dog is crucial, but authenticity is key.

Three Motivators for Dogs  

After owning and sitting  thhundreds of dogs, I can tell you there are basicallyree motivational factors for our canine companions.

Three Hidden Costs of Dog Ownershipfor Dogs

This reflects the unpredictability of life, but the love and joy our furry friends bring far outweigh the inconveniences.

Time Management Matters

From my days of being single to dating and owning a dog together. What once was a stay-out all-day type of life is now making sure we are home in time to walk and feed our pup.

I May Not Be Ready For Kids

I was always told I'd be a good mom. However, the challenges of caring for a dependent creature may make me reconsider having kids soon.

Life Lessons From Canine Companionship

Owning a dog is a remarkable journey that teaches us about love, diversity, and the little quirks of life.

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