Natural Ways To Make Your Lips Soft And Crack-Free

Step 1:

Soften your used toothbrush in warm water for 2 minutes. Avoid harsh toothbrushes since they might dry and hurt your fragile lips. Use a fresh toothbrush to exfoliate your lips to avoid contamination. Use a tooth brush to gently remove dry skin flakes in circles.

Step 2:

Use cream or lotion and massage well in a circular motion. If you are looking for natural alternatives, you can use brown sugar to remove dead skin from your lips.

Step 3:

Use a damp cloth to remove traces of unwanted cream.

Step 4:

Apply another lip softener such as a lip balm in massaging motions gently for enhanced lip repair and to soothe the skin further and make it even softer.

Step 5:

You can now proceed to your normal application of concealer. Blend it well.

Step 6:

Use foundation on the lips with a lip brush. Blend this well too.

Step 7:

Remember that foundation dries skin more. If you have very cracked and dry lips, use extra cream, lip revitalizer, or lip conditioner to prevent it from drying out. Wait for the product to soak in this time. Remove excess with a moist sponge or tissue.

Step 8:

Use your normal lip liner

Step 9:

Apply a moisturizing lipstick. Use moisturizing lipstick for dry lips. Since you twice hydrated your lips before applying matte lipstick, your lips won't get chapped.

Step 10:

Follow up with a lip gloss if you wish to use one.

Step 11:

So there you have your perfect, soft and supple lips. Say bye bye to embarrassing lip cracks and hello to kissable lips.

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