Home Library Design: 7 Easy Steps to Craft Your Reading Area

1. Find a Perfect Space.

The foremost step to making the home library is finding a space. It’s like sitting in the centre of your home and thinking deeper about where your perfect home library should be.

2. Change the Cover

The many colored book jackets in your collection might not go with the current room style. If you're worried about this, try putting the books on the shelves in groups based on color.

3. Transform a Closet

If you don't need the extra space, a small closet can be turned into a lovely reading nook. First, remove the door and its hinges. Then, give the inside of the library a fresh new color.

4. Create an Accent Wall

Finding a place to put the library is the first thing that needs to be done. It's like sitting in the middle of your living room and giving more thought to where the ideal home library should be placed.

5. Elevate Your Built-In Set-Up

From the living room, dining room and even a home office, if built-in storage solutions are already a part of your home, you’ve got the perfect blank slate for your library.

6. Lighten the Space

When you read, don't strain your eyes. For reading and a home library, good lighting is very important. Adding some extra lights to your home library will make it brighter and help you find the best spot to read.

7. When in Doubt, Consider Your Hallway

Take a quick look around your house to find a wall that begs to be the room's main point. Your hallway might be the best place if you can't find a natural spot.

8. Bring in Some Minimalism

If wall-to-wall shelves filled with books feel too cramped and cluttered for you, but you’re still looking for a home library option– go minimalist.

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