'Gymxiety' Used to Ruin My Workouts These 7 Tips Helped Me Overcome It

1. Build a support system.

I recently put this to the test by texting my personal trainer or a friend whenever I felt awkward, like when I asked a stranger to use a machine while they rested (eek!). It helped a lot.

2. Try a group fitness class.

Deadlifting in a packed gym is wildly different from practicing yoga in your living room, where your dog is the only spectator.

3. Come prepared.

Gyms are really not the place to be spontaneous—especially if they make you anxious. “Researching and writing down your exercises ahead of time is the best way to walk in with confidence.

4. Wear clothes that make you feel good.

I feel like Goldilocks when it comes to finding the perfect workout clothes. Some leggings are too tight; some don’t pass the squat test; and some roll down at the waist when I move.

6. Remember that the gym is for everyone—including you.

While I know that comparing myself to others never leads to anything positive, I can’t help but feel insecure working out beside people who lift heavier weights than I do.

7. Work with a professional trainer (it is so worth it).

If you can, hire a fitness professional to help you gain gym confidence.Obviously, hiring a personal trainer to demonstrate perfect form is best.

5. Give yourself a pep talk.

When Ruvalcaba feels her anxiety rising at the gym, she takes a deep breath and gives herself a pep talk:“You are here to work out. It's OK for you to learn something new,” Ruvalcaba reminds herself.

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