Driving in Greece: 6 Survival Tips for the Road Trip Tourist

That being said, driving in Greece is not for the weak of heart, but that shouldn't stop you. It's a very pretty country with beautiful mountains, coastlines, and countryside.

We've been to Greece many times, and most recently we drove around the Peloponnese for a month, starting in Athens. 

We drove on all kinds of roads and saw all kinds of scenery, from cities and mountains to coastal and rural areas. We drove around the island of Corfu too.

Even though driving in Greece will be different depending on where you are, I think there are enough things that are the same that a general plan is useful.

1. Scary Mountain Roads

My wife and I were most anxious on the mountain roads. We drove our rental automobiles together and found it scary at times.

2. Congested Urban Areas

Driving through cities and towns can be stressful no matter where you are in the world. But there were some things that made driving through towns and cities in Greece especially hard for me.

3. Aggressive and Wreckless Drivers

You'll encounter driving behavior in Greece that would be seen as unacceptable rude or foolhardy in countries like the UK or the United States.

4. Chaotic Parking

A lot of the time, parking can feel like a free-for-all. Most people don't follow a set method when they're driving. Instead, they're more interested in "what can I get away with?"

5. Language and Signage Problems

It may seem obvious that you'll encounter the Greek language when in Greece, but it can present particular problems for drivers.

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