Costco Says These 8 Items Are About To Get More Expensive

Paper products

A shortage of pulp has made Costco's paper goods less available, which has been getting a lot of attention on social media. 

Aluminum foil

Some Costco members know that their foil lasts a long time. That Costco has "been seeing accelerating prices across a range of products," and he named aluminum foil as one of those items.


That Costco meat prices have gone up 20% in recent weeks.

Plastic products

Costco has "cited price increases" for a number of plastic goods, with some going up by as much as 8%. You might want to try some of these 20 more eco-friendly types now.


Soda buyers at Costco may notice a hike in these products, as well.


Costco is known for having a wide range of cheeses, but this news could make those burgers on the grill taste worse.

Rotisserie chicken

Many customers already know that Costco's roasted chicken has a lot of cool facts about it.  That the price of the popular item, which is currently only $4.99 for a simple dinner, might go up soon.

Bottled water

If you're looking for creative ways to stay hydrated, don't miss One Major Effect of Eating Watermelon This Summer.

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