Burn calories in five minutes with this five-move bodyweight workout

Many of us find it hard to find time to work out because our lives are so busy. There's no reason we don't want to, but balancing work, family, and friends can wear us down. 

This five-minute workout is easy to fit into your busy plan. It will get your heart rate up, burn calories, and even help you build some basic strength. You don't even need any tools; all you need is an exercise mat and some workout shoes.

The five exercises you'll be doing with your own body are also great for building up your base power. You probably guessed that this is an HIIT workout. 

That means that you'll do each move for 40 seconds and then rest for 20. If you have a fitness watch, you should wear it during your workout so you can see your heart rate and VO2 max and keep track of how many calories you burn. 

Don't forget that you only have five minutes, so give it your all. This workout can be done two more times if you have more time and want to push yourself even more. Here are the exercises:

1) Reverse lunge into High Kicks (do 20 seconds on each side)

2)  Skater jumps

3)  Burpees

4)  Narrow squat jumping into a wide squat

5) Bear position shoulder taps

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