1. Increase in islands:

The kitchen island functions as a gathering space, work surface, and eating table, as well as a design focal point, with 43.8% of respondents choosing it as the top place for a statement color.

2. Bring on the beverages:

Whether for wine, coffee, or smoothies, nearly 60% of this year’s survey respondents say dedicated beverage areas within kitchens will be popular.

3. Wood over white:

That wood cabinets are making a comeback. When people were asked what colors are popular in kitchens right now, 28% said wood, which was more than the 26% who said white.

4. Nature-inspired hues:

When people were asked about color trends for the kitchen, 32% of them said green. Pink, peach, coral, and salmon got only 3% of the answers.

5. Going for gold:

Gold was chosen as the top kitchen faucet metal for the next three years by 49.5%, ahead of stainless (48%) and black (45%). Matte (63.9%), brushed (54.3%), and satin (48.9%) will be most popular.

6. Lots of lighting:

Ambient lighting for moods (84.7%), decorative statement lighting (80.2%), and nocturnal lighting for safety and aesthetics (69%), designers will utilize numerous levels of lighting.

7. Quiet qualities:

The kitchen is quieter than ever since designers removed noisy gadgets and banging cabinet doors. When buying a dishwasher, 64.5% choose an ultra-quiet model, while 40.6% prefer pullout trash cans.

8. Savvy storage solutions:

More than 50% of respondents are looking for walk-in, butler, and built-in pantries for more space and function, while stand-alone and open shelving options come in at less than 15%.

9. Nutrition needs:

As nutrition and healthy eating become increasingly important, 78% of designers say homeowners want more refrigeration space with better flexibility, and 68% prefer appliances with air frying and steam cooking.

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