10 Elevated Fall Porch Decor Ideas to Try This Fall

Encourage Mixing and Mingling

If you have big plans for hosting this fall, set up your front porch to become an extension of your kitchen or dining room—a spot where guests naturally hang out.

Add a Gaggle of Ghouls

Nailing your Halloween porch decor is all about coming up with a design that's equal parts spooky and chic.

Illuminate Your Entry

Fact: Everything looks better in candlelight. There's just something about soft, flickering flames that add a romantic—and slightly eerie—touch to a fall front porch.

Create a Cozy Lounge

Nothing's better than a crisp fall afternoon spent bundled up a warm cup of cider and a good book.

Encourage Leaf Peeping

Fall is all about enjoying outdoor time before winter sends us into hibernation mode.

Pile on the Pumpkins

One or two pumpkins are great—but 10 or 20 are even better. For a statement-making porch this season, go big with your pumpkin display.

Add Some Statement Blooms

If your home boasts an all-white exterior, consider adding a simple pop of color to your fall decor.

Incorporate a Cheeky Touch

We have good news: Halloween doesn't have to be scary if you don't want to it be—in fact, it can be downright cheeky!

Lean Into Orange

It's no secret that orange is the MVP color of fall, so going bold with juicy pops of the hue is a great way to usher your exterior into the season.

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