9 Before-and-After Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Your Renovation

Before: Dated and Disorganized

The style of this kitchen was old, and there wasn't enough storage space. The basic cabinets and table that was too small didn't leave much room for stylish organization.

After: Customized Kitchen Storage

By taking off the doors, two of the upper cabinets were turned into open shelves with plate racks to keep the dishes in order. 

Before: Closed-Off Peninsula

The kitchen looked old and boring because the walls were tan and the floors and cabinets were orange-colored wood. The kitchen and dining room were separated by a peninsula, which made it hard for people to move around.

After: Colorful Kitchen Refresh

The dark wood cabinetry is now painted light blue for fun. By adding open shelves and replacing the island's granite countertop with white quartz, the area appeared lighter.

Before: Builder-Grade Kitchen

There were all the signs of a boring builder-grade kitchen in this kitchen. Oak cabinets, laminate countertops, and basic tools were functional, but they didn't have any style.

After: Modern Kitchen Remodel Idea

As part of a kitchen makeover, two-tone paint adds a modern contrast to the new wood cabinets, which have white upper units that reach the ceiling to make the room look taller.

Before: Functional But Dated

The existing floor plan of this 300-square-foot kitchen worked, but the rest of the elements needed an update.

After: High-Style Kitchen

The original cabinets were painted a bright white and a light blue-gray. The dark granite countertops were changed to white quartzite with veins in them. 

Before-and-After Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Your Renovation

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