8 Tips to Make Flying Less Miserable

1. Prep Your Gadgets and Entertainment

Browsing in-flight entertainment can be interesting, no doubt, but it can also be a bit of a gamble.

2. Bring Your Own Headphones

When it comes to electronics, the headphones you can buy on a plane are notoriously bad. In addition, they don't really block out noise.

3. Take Some Time to Stretch Out

Being comfortable on a plane has as much to do with what you do before you board as what you do when you're inside.

4. Freshen Up

Being stuffed in a metal tube with a bunch of strangers is hardly the most hygienic experience.

5. Bring a Travel Pillow

Don't let the airlines fool you; airplane seats are not designed with back support in mind.

6. Check In Ahead of Time

Checking in ahead of time is a relatively straightforward thing to do, yet many people forget to do it. 

7. Get Into Holiday Mode Early

Airports aren't exactly the most fun places in the world. But it could be argued that we dislike them so much because we've essentially trained ourselves to think that way.

8. Watch What You Eat and Drink Ahead of Time

Again, the plane's air filtration means you will inevitably feel dehydrated on the flight, so it makes sense to stay hydrated at the airport and on the flight.

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