8 Skincare Products You Should Bring on Vacation

Supergoop (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder

This could be one of the most useful products you take with you, not just on vacation but anytime you're on the go this summer.

SLMD Skincare Dual Defender

For your trip, don't skimp on sunscreen. Bring a brand-new bottle. If you want to protect your skin from the sun and keep it moist, SLMD Skincare Dual Defender ($30) is a great pick.

All Moringa Cold-Pressed Oil

This natural oil is a moisturizer for the face and hair as well as a post-pool or beach soother. You can even use it to shave. It's a minimalist traveler's dream.

Iris and Romeo Weekend Skin

Using a skin care product with vitamin C is a good way to make your skin look better after traveling. With time-release vitamin C, Iris and Romeo Weekend Skin ($50) can help you look great all day.

Wild Rose Beauty Daily Toner

The $29 Wild Rose Beauty Daily Toner has strong ingredients like glycolic and hyaluronic acids that help remove dead skin cells and keep the skin fresh. It also comes in a great travel-friendly container.

Augustinus Badar The Cleansing Balm

If you’ve ever travelled with a bottle of face wash you know how challenging it can be to take along any kind of makeup remover product.

Dear Dahlia Paradise Tinted Blooming Balm

Between the dry air on the plane and the heat of the sun, travel can wreak havoc on your lips. Opt for a tinted balm instead of lipstick.

VSoto Exotic Pearl Eye Creme

Traveling can make you feel and look tired. So, if there’s one product you shouldn’t scrimp on, it’s a good eye cream.

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