8 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably Making

Desperation Shopping

You get stressed out at the last minute and rush to buy something, maybe even paying extra for fast shipping. But you end up with something expensive that you don't love and may never wear again.

Markdown Mania

The Problem: Black Friday and other sales make you crazy. Budgeting and common sense are out of the building. It's a waste of time and money to buy clothes you don't need or want to wear.


Failure to engage in preventive maintenance and regular rehab of footwear. Such behavior can result in beyond­ repair leather, trashed soles, and premature shoe death.

Closet-Disorder Disorder

The Problem: Piling multiple tops onto a single hanger, over­-stuffing drawers, and cramming hanging rods so tightly that the jaws of life are required to extract clothes.

Purse Paralysis

Not changing your bag for any event or season is a problem. For example, you might bring your daily bag to a wedding, your work tote to a weekend party, or a dark leather bag with a bright summer dress.

Tailor-Avoidance Syndrome

The Problem: You fall for a piece of clothing, but the sleeves or the hem is a little long—or there's some gaping at the waist.

Attachment Disorder

The Problem: You refer to a certain sweater, jacket, or pair of jeans as your best friend. When you look back through your selfies or when people tag you on Facebook, you always seem to be wearing said friend.

Undie-Lying Issues

Your panty lines are so obvious in this tight skirt that you can't even hide them. You're leaking from the top or sides of your bra, and the lace cups are making your shirt stick where it should slide.

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