7 Timeless Kitchen Upgrades You Won’t Regret

Choose Good Quality Hardware in Mixed Metals

Move Your Sink

White suggests placing your sink under a window so you have a better view, or onto a central kitchen island to improve the flow of the room.

Add More Natural Light

let more light into her beach cottage kitchen by turning a solid door between her bedroom and kitchen into a Dutch door.

Install Natural Wood Flooring

Wood floors made from natural wood will always look good. You can wear a traditional style with any outfit, and it flows easily from one room to the next.

Add Open Shelving

Even if the shelving is in addition to upper cabinets, not in place of them, you won’t regret plentiful storage.

Create a Classic Backsplash, With a Twist

Tile with a bold, eye-catching pattern is so tempting when you’re remodeling your kitchen.

Get a Pot Filler (Really)

Pot fillers are controversial, but White swears by them. And with everyone cooking at home so much more these days, any little convenience helps.

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