10 Hime Cut Styles Making The World Go Gaga!

1. Colored Mullet Hime Cut

Adding a mullet to the classic hime cut can make it more interesting. To get this power cut, color your hair your favorite color and cut the bangs straight across.

2. Feathered Fringe Hime Bob

This feathered fringe hime bob looks good on short hair as it accentuates your jawline. All you need is some gel to create this chic hairstyle.

3. Hime Cut With Curled Ends

You can spice up the traditional straight hime cut by incorporating curled ends in the style.

4. V-Bangs Hime Cut

Yes, you can experiment with your hime bangs to create a unique look. V-shaped bangs are highly suitable for round or oval faces as they accentuate one’s facial features.

5. Hime Wolf Cut

The funky combination of hime and wolf cuts is highly suitable for medium-length hair.

6. Cheek Length Hime Cut

While the traditional hime cut has the sidelocks cut at cheek-length with bangs, you don’t always need to sport bangs.

7. Chin-Length Hime Cut

If you want to step it up a notch, you can cut it all the way down to your chin instead of just a little below the lips.

8. Thick Hime Cut

Do you have thick hair? Then, one of your biggest issues is finding the right hairstyle to show off its volume.

9. Long Hime Cut

This is a great way to minimize the regular trims required to make your hime cut look fresh.

10. Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

Double scoops of ice-cream, second servings of cake: all good things come in doubles. Just like this double sidelocks hime cut.

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