2023's Coolest Home Decor Trends to Try Right Now

'70s Style

 Designers are also loving retro colors like rust and avocado, as well as old-fashioned talking pits and carpet that goes from floor to ceiling.

Chrome Hardware

After a 10-year obsession with matte bronze and black hardware, we’re shining things up a bit.

Square Tiles

The Tile Shop has handmade-style ceramic options for less than $13 per square foot. Look for 4-inch tiles, which are the perfect size for a backsplash or bathroom walls.

Tiger Everything

The Year of the Water Tiger is coming to an end, but the majestic cat seems to be here to stay.

Giant Accessories

Home companies are going big: Lamp bases are getting fatter, couches are getting longer and floor mirrors practically take up entire walls.

Pleated Lampshades

Designers are calling it “nostalgia decor,” and we’re loving the grandma vibe. Pick up a shade in an unexpected print to make this retro style feel up-to-date.

Flat-Front Wood Cabinets

“These cabinets are winning all of the design awards right now,” says Jeremy Parcels of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

William Morris Florals

British textile designer William Morris became an icon in the 1860s as the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement.


For the past decade, home decor has been all about grays and whites, but homeowners have started craving earth tones.

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