10 Low-Cost Updates That Add Value to Your Home

Paint the Front Door

First impressions are essential. Turn a drab exterior into a fabulous focal point with a quick coat of paint to boost curb appeal.

Update Cabinet Hardware

Outdated hardware can detract from classic cabinetry. Changing bathroom and kitchen cabinet hardware is a cheap method to modernize your home.

Install New Flooring

High-traffic areas and carpeting don't mesh well. Places that are walked on more often tend to discolor and wear out faster than other areas.

Paint or Stain Cabinets

Make dated cabinets a thing of the past by dedicating a weekend to getting down and dirty in the kitchen.

Use Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is classic and available in home centers and tile dealers. Its traditional style suits baths, kitchens, and fireplaces.

Pay Attention to Color

Color is a home designer's cheapest and most effective tool for room transformation. Any space may be transformed with a fresh coat of paint, bright flooring, hardware, or accessories.

Install a Ceiling Fan

In colder months, it can be hard to keep homes warm. However, ceiling fans offer an economical way to cut costs and stay cozy by circulating warm air.

Skip Crown Molding

When you work with a professional remodeler, it can be expensive to buy molding materials and pay for fitting.

Pick an Array of Light Fixtures

Spend more on things that stand out to draw attention to one or two main areas of the house. Great places to put them are in the dining room or in the kitchen (over the table or sink).

Enhance with Woodwork

Architectural woodwork not only adds character, but it also disguises imperfections in old walls.

14 Low-Cost Updates That Add Value to Your Home

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