11 Things To Keep Out Of Your Living Room, According To Designers

Matching Furniture Sets

You shouldn't buy all of your living room furniture in one shopping trip. You should try to avoid having furniture sets that match in this room.

Children’s Toys

Toys and games should not be kept in the living room if you have kids. She says they should try a playroom, closet, or their bedroom instead.

Pet Beds And Cages

You want to spend as much time as possible with your dog, but that doesn't mean you have to stare at his crate while you're having snacks with friends.

Recliner Style Seating

That sectionals that look like recliners need to go away. The creator says, "Yes, they're very comfortable, but honestly, they just don't look good." 

Rugs That Are Too Small

When planning your living room, Heuer says you shouldn't skimp on rug size. that rugs that are too small will stand out and "can make the room feel disjointed and disproportionate."

Expensive Rugs

On a similar note, splurge-worthy rugs aren’t necessarily the best choice for the living room.

Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans are commonly spotted in bedrooms, they just don’t belong in the living room.

Impersonal Artwork

Do not quickly fill the walls of your living room with the first pieces of art you see while shopping. Instead, take the time to choose art that truly represents you.

Bar Carts

Bar carts aren’t necessarily ideal for the living room, according to Rachel Little, the owner and principal designer of Browne House Interior Design in Austin

Work Related Items

Even if you work from home most days of the week, your office supplies simply don’t belong in the living room.

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