11 Things That Make Your House Look More Expensive, According to Designers

Regular Maintenance

That the first sign that you care about protecting the investment you've made in your home is that you keep the front lawn or garden clean, paint the trim fresh, and change the lightbulbs. 


Adler thinks that adding reflective surfaces to a room is always a good idea when you want it to look more expensive.

Venetian Plaster

As a textured surface that’s crafted using lime putty and marble dust, Meacham thinks that Venetian plaster on the walls and ceilings can instantly bring up a space.

Attractive Landscaping

Planning your landscaping, which includes hardscapes like pathways and patios, makes your house look more valuable before you even get there. 

Varied Lighting Levels

Lighting is a surefire way to make your home look more expensive, and can help the dwellers feel more comfortable as well.

Custom Drapery

Custom curtains, according to Meacham, makes a house look more expensive. It's beautiful how full drapes frame a window. "They really take your space to the next level."

A Bar Cart

If you want to give your home the feel that it’s been transported back in time to a 1950s-era cocktail party, a bar cart is a guaranteed way to set a cool, sophisticated vibe.

High-Quality Materials

Adams notes that expensive homes typically use the best materials, and if you'd like to mimic that look, only choose finishes that are natural.

New Hardware

For a fairly quick way to make your home look more expensive, Meacham recommends switching out your doorknobs and cabinet hardware.


Looking a bit Grecian in spirit, pedestals look expensive and also allow your decorative objects to take center stage.

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