11 on-trend paint colours for every room in your home

The colour palette in your home is one of the most important design decisions you can make.

Colour can establish warmth and create calm and cosiness, it can be joyful and exuberant, expressing character and individuality.

• Boutique Blues: the cool modern tones

Small range of cool blues in the Boutique Blues family, from sky blues that are light and chalky to peacock blues with a strong green tone and deep inky grey-blues.

• Back to Nature: the earthy greens

Back to Nature catches the many colors of nature, such as a soft sage, the yellow-green of new shoots, and a classy forest green.

• Mono Tones: the must-have grey shades

No modern paint collection would be complete without an array of on-trend grey shades.

• Earth Notes: toasty tones

We have rich sunshine yellows and spicy orange/pinks in Earth Notes. They range in strength from a soft buttercup to a fiery coral.

• Think Pink: a perfect edit of pinks

With its soft peachy pinks, sophisticated takes on millennial pink, and eye-catching fuchsia, Think Pink is the right collection of modern pink tones.

• Moody Hues: a family of dramatic purples

Our Moody Hues set a sophisticated scene, starting with the lightest shade – a warm and creamy peach – through to the deepest mulberry.

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