10 Useless Items That Clutter Your Home and Serve No Purpose

Old Cell Phones

Keeping old cell phones around isn't usually useful, especially if they're broken or out of date and taking up room.

Damaged Appliances

If you have broken appliances or ones you no longer use, it’s a good idea to part ways with them.

Old Power Cords

Because technology changes so quickly these days, you might want to get rid of that cord from your old cell phone or laptop instead.


A lot of us keep things that are special to us, like old greeting cards or papers from a train pass we bought in another country.

Expired Medicine

Expired drugs, medications, or vitamins could potentially pose risks to your health if consumed.

Damaged Clothing

 If they don't mean anything to you, it's better to get rid of them and focus on keeping your clothes in good shape.

Clothes That No Longer Fit

As many of us age, clothes that used to fit us well no longer do. It's not likely that you'll be able to get to the seamstress to fix it or wear it after all these years. 

Free Stuff

You might want to get rid of the free tote bags and t-shirts you got as a reward for being a regular customer. These things are taking up valuable room if you're not using them.

Expired Skincare Products

Check your makeup bag and skin care collection to see what items are no longer good. When you use products after the expiration dates, they may cause skin irritation or infections.

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