10 Stunning, Real Life Examples Of How Big An Acre Really Is

1. American Football Field

A football field has two end zones, each 10 yards long. If you watch football often, you already know this.

2. Tennis Court

A football field or baseball field is a lot bigger than a tennis court. An acre of land can hold about 15.51 tennis courts, which is the same as 16 tennis courts.

3. Sedans

Sedans come in a lot of different styles and makes right now, but the standard car is about 13.5 feet long and 5 3/4 feet wide.

4. Roman Colosseum

Located in Rome, Italy, the Roman Colosseum covers approximately six acres of land. It is 620 feet long, 512 feet wide, and 158 feet tall.

5. A Suburban Home

Different builders make homes with a lot of different styles, but the average American neighborhood home is about 2,438 square feet.

6. Potatoes

That's 1,584 potatoes spread out over an acre of land. You could fry or bake them. Get your ketchup ready, because those French fries are going to taste great!

7. White House

In Washington, DC, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., you can find the White House. A big fence goes all the way around the grounds to keep the President and his staff safe. 

8. Yard Stick

If you wanted to make a line of yardsticks that reached from one end of an acre of land to the other side, you would need 70-yard sticks.

9. Post-it notes

Placing post-it notes on an acre of land probably seem like it would be a daunting task, and you would be right.

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