10 Staircase Design Ideas To Elevate Your Home, According To Designers

Gallery Wall

A art wall looks great on the walls of stairwells. You can use framed art, family photos, or anything else to fill the area in a creative and interesting way.

Interesting Rail

The railing is someplace where subtle yet impactful design is not only possible, but encouraged.

Geometric Runner

If a bold pattern like leopard print isn't quite your speed, there's no need to avoid a runner completely.

Timeless Style

"Keep it simple to elevate the design," recommends Meacham. "The simple elegance of a thin, iron staircase is timeless and elegant."

Jewel Newel

The post at the end of the stairs, the newel, is an oft overlooked world of possibilities. A bold or detailed post can transform the entire case.


However much we love a cute runner, there is something so stylish about a floor that is left bare. 

Festive Decor

Remember that the stair case is prime real estate come the holidays. Still, this space can shine all year long.

Low Hanging Fruit

It's a great idea to hang art on both the wall next to the steps and the wall below them. Use all the wall space that a staircase gives you.


Shiplap is one of our favorite ways to seamlessly spruce up any space—and the staircase is no exception.

Window Treatment

If you're lucky enough to have a window gracing your stairwell, then we envy your natural light. Boost the window's design stronghold by adding a charming treatment.

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