10 Kitchen Hood Ideas Designers Love


Augment a plaster hood with some royal treatment. Interesting molding like you fight find on a wall will instantly spruce up the whole kitchen.

Match The Cabinets

This hood has the same appearance as the cabinets below but with a stylish, metallic addition.


Interior designer Lorraine Enwright says that wood is one of her favorite materials for kitchen hoods. Here, the wood takes on a geometric pattern.


Spice up your hood's silhouette with a pleasing arch. It's a subtle addition with wow-factor.


Here, the kitchen hood has a high ceiling of its own, concealing an Elica hood. There is an effective fan, though it looks like there's nothing there but a tall, beautiful backsplash.

Camouflage Into The Cabinets

Rather than standing out as a focal point, this kitchen hood blends right in.

Hide The Fans

This homeowner chose a kitchen hood that hides the exhaust fan beneath. The look is simple and sleek, and it avoids an industrial, mechanical appearance.


Reclaimed wood and charming decor lend this kitchen hood a lovely, rustic look. Paired with bright wallpaper, the look is timelessly attractive.

Take Shape

There are several shapes that kitchen hoods can take. Here, a curved hood looks gorgeous in this kitchen. Other shapes include baroque-, box-, and bell-shaped.

Mix Metals

If you want to make a statement with your hood, look beyond the myriad of stainless steel options that are offered at most kitchen appliance stores.

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