10 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight to Thrive

Snake Plant

Snake plants thrive in that odd place far from a window and tolerate neglect. Their cool, trendy pointy leaves with varied colors look great in compact or big pots.

Spider Plant

The green or green-and-white striped leaves of this low-light hanging plant have probably been seen in a lot of offices.If you don't cut back spider plants, they grow like weeds.


Going overboard trying to care for a pothos (or any of the several pothos varieties) can actually kill it—seriously. If they get too much real sunlight, it can do them in. "

Maidenhair Fern

Beautiful but complicated to care for, ferns can always be a little persnickety. "The tricky thing here is that they can't be over or under-watered.


Popular for outdoor gardens and the sides of buildings, ivy is also a great low-light indoor plant. There are tons of varieties of ivy; some are pure green, while others have white-and-green variegation.

Bird of Paradise

Lower maintenance than the previously mentioned greenery, a bird of paradise has a tropical look but doesn't need a ton of care.

Cast Iron Plant

This aptly named plant is pretty much black thumb proof, if you're looking for indoor plants that don't need a lot of sun (or a lot of TLC).

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a tropical plant that needs low light to thrive—though it needs humidity and warmth (making it a perfect plant to live in your bathroom).

Lucky Bamboo

This easy-to-grow plant is thought to bring good luck to your home, where it thrives in low light.

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