10 Hairstyles That Go Perfectly With Glasses

Low Natural Ponytail

Low ponytails are a quick and easy hairstyle that you can pull off at any time. We love how Elaine Welteroth wears hers with a different texture to show off her bigger frame. 

Groovy Waves

If your glasses are making a statement, give it a hairstyle to match, like this '70s inspired look seen.

Tousled Ponytail

Hathaway may wear square frames, but this tousled ponytail is far from being "square."

Stylized Locs

A full head of locs takes time and TLC, but man, do they look good next to a pair of chic glasses.

High Bun

Follow the cheeks all the way up for a smooth, lifted look. This will make any style sit right on top of the head.

A-Line Lob

Angles, angles, angles!. "An A-line bob compliments angled glasses perfectly and creates so much dimension in your look.

Side-Swept Curls

For this wet-look take on curls, use great products.

Focal Fringe

Having your fringe be the focal point of your 'do is a complementary move for your rims. But the way they're trimmed can make all the difference.

Retro Pin Curled 'Do

A sharp look for events and pictures, this stylized updo brings all the attention to your face.

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