10 Galley Kitchen Ideas That Maximize Space and Style

Small Galley Kitchen

Apartments built before the war usually had small galley kitchens because home kitchens didn't have as many or as big of tools.

Open Kitchen Layout

If you're remodeling or building a new galley kitchen, combine the best parts of the classic style—its small size and functionality—with a more modern, open plan.

Rustic Galley Kitchen

Natural wood planks create an instant farmhouse feel when used as kitchen shelves, and they provide plenty of storage in lieu of upper cabinets.

Maximize Ceiling Height

This butler's pantry demonstrates galley kitchens' key rule: maximize vertical storage. Sky-high blue cabinets with full-length glass safeguard and display what's inside.

Mixing Cabinetry

Galley kitchens are known for parallel lines of cabinetry, but there's no rule about using the same cabinetry everywhere.

Updated Galley Kitchen

Painting cabinets, adding a new backsplash, or updating your flooring are all ways of making this classic kitchen layout feel more like you.

Modern Galley Kitchen

This low-ceilinged modern galley kitchen feels ship-like. Like these homeowners, you can boost contemporary style by using raw materials in clean, unadorned designs.

Add Height

While the footprint is small, this galley kitchen feels open and spacious, thanks to the vaulted ceiling and skylight.

Modern Industrial Style

The first galley kitchens were on ships, which is why this all-steel, industrial-style kitchen feels right. 

Choosing Open Shelving

You can skip upper cabinets altogether, and you can even vary the types of shelving you use, as shown here, to create more rhythm and variety in your design.

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