10 best winter flowers for colour, scent and fascination

1. Hellebores

The undisputed stars of winter perennial borders, with flowers appearing from early December.  

2. Cyclamen coum

Differing from the larger, bolder floristry types, this cylamen is reliably hardy, returning to spread and carpet areas under trees and shrubs.

3. Eranthis hyemalis

Winter aconites don’t attract the fanaticism that snowdrops do, but they are a brilliant and welcome sight.  

4. Iris reticulata

One of the early flowering bulbs, it appears in January and February.  

5. Daphne

The queen of winter, evergreen daphnes have exquisitely scented flowers and good foliage.

6. Chimonanthus praecox

The non-latin name is wintersweet which hints at what makes this unassuming shrub so special.  

7. Mahonia

Also known as the Orgeon grape, mahonias are an evergreen shrub with bright yellow winter flowers that have a heady perfume.  

8. Camellias

With impossibly perfect waxy blooms and glossy, elegant foliage camellias have the perfect timing to tease you out of seasonal gloom.

9. Clematis cirrhosa

There's a clematis for every season and this is a great winter treasure and a reliable climber that is happy in sun or part shade.  

10. Abeliophyllum distichum

It's a scrambling, deciduous, medium-sized shrub that will do well in containers or borders. You can cut the budding branches so the flowers open indoors.

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