10 Best Makeup Tips To Make Hazel Eyes Pop

1. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup  

If you want to show off your eyes, use colors that are on the other side of the color wheel. Tones of purple are secondary colors that are on the other side of the color wheel and look great with brown eyes.

2. Hot Pink Eye Makeup

One way to make your eyes stand out is to paint them with bright colors. Just use a hot pink eye makeup for that.

3. Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup  

Gold and black – A powerful combination. The gold makes the flecks in the eyes pop out and the black adds a strong contrast with hazel eyes.

4. Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

It's lovely when blue, green, and purple are together. It makes us think of mermaids a lot. These colors give you a magical look and make your eyes stand out.

5. Bronze Goddess Eye Makeup  

Bronze eye makeup will make you look brazen and sharp. It compliments the gold flecks in your hazel eyes, and it’s a great look for all occasions.

7. Classic Black Smokey Eye Makeup

The darkness of the black will make your eyes stand out. It stands out very well against the warm colors of brown eyes.

8. Hide And Seek Pink Eye Makeup For Girl With Brown Hair And Hazel Eyes  

9. Royal Blue Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes Brown Hair Female

10. Simple Cat Eye Makeup  

A simple flick goes a long way. When you don’t have any time but want to add an oomph factor to your eyes, wing out that eyeliner and you’re good to go.

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