Starbucks' New Oil-Infused Coffee May Wreck Your Stomach

Starting with olive oil as the star of its buzzworthy new Oleato coffee brand was controversial. The chain's February announcement of olive-oil-infused 

coffees didn't impress many customers. American coffee drinkers are learning that flavor isn't the only concern after the coffees' 

One Twitter user plainly stated last week: "Apparently @Starbucks thinks #oleato #coffee causes diarrhea. If it wasn't already racing

Unfortunately, this customer is not alone in their new coffee drink experience. Last week, another Twitter user called Oleato a "legit

laxative". A Starbucks employee complained on Reddit that numerous coworkers "needing to use the restroom, if ya know what I mean" after trying the drinks.

What may cause this unpleasant side effect of Starbucks' olive oil coffee? The consumer who called the coffee a "laxative" may be right,

"Olive oil can have a slight laxative effect for some people," Manaker adds. "And when olive oil is combined with caffeine, another factor that may promote 

Manaker said this may not bother persons with regular bowel motions. Olive oil, rich in antioxidants, has "many beneficial health effects"

Customers who don't want to run to the bathroom after drinking Starbucks' Oleato brand may want to rethink their coffee order.  

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