Here's How You Can Score Free Refills From Starbucks

Free refills from Starbucks may seem too good to be true for aficionados. Starbucks' refill policy has been confusing, especially on social media, for years. 

Some TikTokers say you may get a free refill after shopping at Target if you order a Starbucks drink. Others say the strange free refill policy applies to all Starbucks stores, not just Target ones. 

Starbucks employees recently clarified on TikTok that they offer free refills, as we've all been hoping. 

The worker noted in the nine-million-view video that the policy applies to Starbucks and Target outlets. Before you run to your local store for a second Cinnamon

The most significant rule is that consumers can only get a free refill on a drink if they use a registered Starbucks Card or the Starbucks app,

according to the Starbucks website's free refill policy. When refilling, they must use the same Starbucks Card or Starbucks app 

Second, your refill may not be the same drink you ordered. A Pink Drink or one of Oleato's controversial olive oil-infused lattes cannot be

reordered. However, you can get a free refill of normal or iced coffee, cold brew, hot tea, or iced tea if you bought these or other drinks.

Our third and last requirement is to seek your refill at the same store visit. The policy allows customers to get a free refill if they finish a drink

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