Hairdressing Tips That Are a Cut Above the Rest

Be cautious with your sources

When you look for pictures of hair, pick ones that look like yours. You shouldn't pick pictures of people with thick curls if your hair is fine and straight.

Speak up

Don't sit silently on the chair. Speak up if something's not quite your style.

Don't be vague

Avoid asking your hairdresser to cut off an inch from all sides and mentioning that you might want more adjustments later.

Keep your expectations realistic

It's important to have realistic expectations when it comes to hair changes.

Show pictures of styles you like

It helps a lot if you bring pictures of inspiring hairstyles that suit your hair type. You should also be clear about the looks you don't like.

Bring in realistic pictures

Hairdressers find it frustrating when clients turn up with unrealistic images. Avoid bringing filtered or wig photos.

Coloring and lightening

To darken or maintain a similar shade, color molecules are implanted into the hair shaft.

Good coloring has a price

Be ready if you want to change your hair tone. Good coloring requires both time and financial commitment.

The finger tip

To find out if you really like a model's hairstyle, simply cover her face with your finger while you evaluate the cut.

Be polite

Don't be rude to your stylist when they try to sell you products.

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