Dunkin' Just Return of an Extremely Popular Coffee Flavor

Dunkin' has many coffee alternatives. Customers can order lattes, macchiatos, iced coffees, and frozen drinks, and the selection grows

when you add other flavors. Even this variety hasn't made fans forget about the Butter Pecan Swirl, a seasonal flavor that appears occasionally.

Dunkin' consumers won't have to go without the famous coffee taste again next week. Dunkin' revealed the Butter

Pecan Swirl will return on April 26. Even better, Dunkin' is keeping the taste on the menu instead of just bringing it back.

The swirl has butter-roasted nuts and sweet cream. When it returns, customers can add it to hot, iced, espresso, cold brew, frozen, and chocolate drinks.

The business released the ice cream-inspired flavor in 2013 and has brought it back for limited runs since. Dunkin''s second-most popular

flavor is Butter Pecan Swirl after Pumpkin Spice. Customers have petitioned Dunkin' to make the flavor permanent and made "dupe" orders to copy it.

While many Dunkin' customers are pleased about the Butter Pecan Swirl, many didn't like another new item. The chain's first morning tacos

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