Costco Is Opening Its First Location In This East Coast State

Costco expands steadily in America and beyond. The largest wholesale club expects to open 27 warehouses worldwide in fiscal year 2023,

including 14 in the U.S. At least three of the new facilities are in Texas, where Sam's Club, the retailer's main competitor, is concentrated.

Costco outsells Sam's in 2022 ($222.7 billion vs. $73.6 billion, according to CNBC), but Sam gets more stores. Costco has 585 warehouses and Sam's Club 

"almost 600," according to its website. Walmart-owned Sam's doesn't disclose its store count, but SmartScrapers estimates 598.

Costco's aggressive opening strategy this year could put the two clubs dead-even in the footprint competition before Sam's opens its newest location in 2024.

Costco has slightly better state coverage than its biggest competition. Costco has 46 states, five Puerto Rico shops, and one in Washington

Rhode Island officials announced last month that Costco will develop its first Ocean State warehouse in Cranston, a booming Providence suburb. 

Mayor Ken Hopkins informed WPRI-TV that the retailer had a contract, but he would not name the address. Hopkins said developer Carpionato

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