Coca-Cola is Giving Fanta a Major Flavor Upgrade

Fanta bottles are described in numerous ways, but not subtle. From vibrant blue Fanta Berry to deep red Fanta Strawberry, the soft drinks are tasty 

If Fanta aficionados want their drink to taste more vivid, then ready for some exciting news.

 A "bolder and fruitier-tasting" Fanta Orange is being released by Coca-Cola, which controls the brand.

"It's still the Fanta Orange you know and love, but now even more irresistibly delicious," said Coca-Cola North America senior brand

manager for sparkling flavors Chris Hunsaker. "We listen to our customers to understand their changing tastes and provide the

greatest products and experiences. We've boosted Fanta Orange's robust, fruity flavor to satisfy fans' cravings."

The new Fanta Orange is hitting grocery stores in the US and Canada this month, and the rollout will expand to other nations in 2023. 

Coke produced the refreshed flavor through consumer taste tests, so perhaps fans will like the new Fanta Orange.

In addition to their improved taste, Fanta Orange goods will look different in grocery stores. The business said the bottles will have a new design and label promoting greater flavor.

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