Americans Are Favoring Frozen Pizza Over Fresh

A slice of hot, delicious pizza is the perfect quick meal. Not everyone has time or wants to go to their favorite pizzeria or pay restaurant charges.

Grocery stores offer a variety of frozen pizzas to satisfy varied tastes and save customers money. Shoppers noticed.

Due to inflation, 13% of recent pizza restaurant guests are "trading down" to frozen or non-restaurant pizza, according to Vericast.

In a news release, Vericast said that frozen pizza sales rose 11% in the past year and that retailers increased frozen pizza promotions 214%

over the prior two years. Additionally, 43% of recent pizza shop guests buy frozen pizza weekly.

"The pizza battle is on, and grocery stores are winning," Vericast's restaurant division client strategy director Dana Baggett stated in a press statement.

Nearly half of Vericast's 2023 Restaurant TrendWatch respondents said they eat out less due to inflation. Meanwhile, 18% of consumers,

notably millennials and parents, are preferring cheaper pizza brands or restaurants, and 25% of frequent pizza eaters are doing so.

Baggett said Vericast "found that the top choice is actually 'no preference.'" Some individuals think Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns

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