A Popular Coca-Cola Product Is Back At Costco

Mexican Coke has a distinct taste that surpasses American Coke, and it's not simply the nostalgic glass bottle. The American favorite uses

high-fructose corn syrup. Consumers say they can taste the difference in Mexican Coke imported to the US, which is manufactured with real cane sugar.

Costco occasionally sells this beverage, and members recently reported finding it in warehouses. Despite buyers' love for Mexican Coke

This week, a Costco customer posted a photo of Mexican Coke cases at their warehouse on the retailer's Reddit website. Redditors noted the $32.99 24-pack beverage price.

Prices may vary by Costco location, but several buyers recall seeing cases of the soft drink for less. One stated they saw Mexican Coke for

$23.99 "not that long ago," while another said they could purchase a case for $18 before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Reddit users have frequently criticized Costco's exorbitant soft drink prices. The pandemic and supply chain concerns have raised

supermarket prices in recent years, so the higher prices are not surprising. Only in recent months have egg and pork prices dropped.

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