8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Dog

Is My Lifestyle a Good Fit for a Dog?

“Are you looking for a hiking companion? A dog who can travel with you? Or do you prefer a mellow pup who sleeps all day to keep you company?”

Do I Have Time to Train and Socialize My Dog?

Being a new parent to a rescue dog comes with the important duty of socializing and training your pup.

Is My Housing Situation Appropriate for a Dog?

Dogs—big and small—can thrive in small apartments or large homes with the right exercise routine. Unfortunately, your landlord may not be so accommodating.

Can I Afford to Adopt and Care for a Dog?

Providing a shelter dog with a loving home may feel priceless, but the real cost of raising a dog ranges anywhere from $1,500 to $9,900 per year.

Have I Taken My Family Into Consideration?

Whether your existing family is made up of other people, cats, or hamsters doesn't really matter.

Can I Take on More Responsibilities?

Being a pet parent is hard. Especially if you're considering a puppy (hello nocturnal bathroom breaks!) ,

Am I Ready for The Commitment?

It’s worth thinking about your five- to ten-year plan because dogs can happily live alongside their human companions for many years.

Am I Adopting This Dog for All the Right Reasons?

You grew up with a German shepherd and rightfully love the breed. But are you really equipped to give them the care they need?

Alternatives to Adopting a Dog

You've answered "not right now" to at least some of these questions. What now?"Everywhere you look, shelters are always looking for people to take in dogs.

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