7 Best Daily Leg Exercises for Women After 50

1. Squats

The humble squat plays a crucial role in daily life, just as it does in an excellent lower-body workout, so this movement is important to train consistently.

2. Step-ups

"Step-ups can be done virtually anywhere, and they're a great way to work on the range of motion in your lower body,

3. Side Lunges

Side lunges work the quads and glutes but also engage the adductor and abductor muscles inside and outside your thighs.

4. Front-and-Back Lunges

Balancing on one leg is an essential aspect of overall stability as you age.

5. Side Lying Leg Raises

In addition to strengthening your outer thighs, abdomen, and glutes, side-lying leg lifts improve core stability and hip strength.

6. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

"Ideally, you should perform this exercise with weights. However, you can just as easily hold gallon jugs or anything you have around the house to add resistance.

7. Flutter Kicks

While you might consider these an ab workout, flutter kicks also engage the quads and hip flexors.

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