10 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas for Adding Simple Beauty to Your Yard

Mellow Shades of Flowers

In a traditional farmhouse landscape, plants accentuate the home and bring a softness to the harsher, rustic design elements.

Plant a Vegetable and Herb Garden

In line with the idea that a farmhouse should be helpful and have a "useful" look, it needs to have herb and vegetable gardens.

Borrow the View

Farms, with their large swathes of land in rural locations, have an open, natural feel, free from the constraints of urban life.

Keep It Natural

It might be easier to work with and cheaper to buy and put rubber, plastic, and other man-made materials, but farmhouses are all about natural ones. 

Embrace the Natural Look

In farmhouse design, plants are usually left to grow naturally, without being trimmed or shaped too much. This is similar to larger plantings.

Keep It Simple

To channel the traditional farmhouse ethos, keep your landscape uncluttered and free of excess.

Think Locally

When they were first built, farmhouses were made from elements found in the area. Local materials that were easy to buy and move onto the property were used to plan and build the homes.

Sit a Spell

Historically, farmers had limited time for vacations, so they included design elements in the landscape that allowed for calm and leisure without leaving home.

Try a Fire Pit

Lastly, there is no such thing as a home without a fire pit. An Americana touch can be added to the garden with a fire pit, which can be moved around or built into the ground.

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