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How to Clean, Store, & Care for Your Paparazzi Jewelry

We recommend avoiding the 5 S's when it comes to caring for your jewelry. 

SLEEP: Never sleep while wearing your jewelry.

SHOWER: Your jewelry is allergic to water! Try to keep it away.

SPRAYS: Use perfumes, hairspray, lotions, etc. before you put on your jewelry.

SWEAT: Try to avoid massive sweating while wearing your jewelry. Don't wear it to the gym.

SWIM: Take off jewelry before swimming. Remember that your jewelry is allergic to water and the pool is no exception.

Costume jewelry doesn't equal less durability than fine jewelry.  We are proud of our stainless steel, brass, and copper base metal construction.  You can wear your Paparazzi jewelry with pride. If you are careful, your Paparazzi jewelry can last you for years.  



Clean with a soft cloth and a small amount of baby shampoo or dish soap. 

Let air dry.  Do not submerge as many gems are affixed with glue or adhesive and being soaked in water or liquids can weaken the glue.

Store with like items in a non-cluttered area away from harsh light and chemicals.



Always store your jewelry in a cool, dry location away from humidity and excessive light.  Your Paparazzi jewelry is designed to be cherished- with the proper care, you will keep your beautiful pieces shiny and wearable.



Our chains are not soldered; they have O-rings and jump rings which can open over time, with pressure or pulling.  This is a standard construction of costume or faux fine jewelry.  Please note our items are designed to snap/break when pulled to avoid injury.  Few jewelry items can withstand the tug of a strong toddler or the inertia of an accidental tug.  Please wear with caution around small children or if you are engaging in activity that could break an item- easier to store it safely than to replace an item you love.

However for most 'breaks' that involve an open O-ring or jump ring, a pair of needle-nosed pliers will re-connect broken chains or disconnected strands.

E6000 glue (found at most drugstores and chain stores) is a professional grade fixative that will re-glue fallen stones and gems.  

Don't toss your jewelry if you can fix or replace it!


pH Imbalance or Tarnishing

If you're familiar with costume jewelry "turning your finger green" please know this is a pH sensitivity with the balance of chemicals found on your skin.  The jewelry is not the concern.  Even fine jewelry can react to imbalances and have the same effect.

Most Paparazzi items will not react with skin in this manner, but if it does, you can easily coat your jewelry with a fixative spray designed to create a barrier and prevent color turning.  You can also use clear nail polish - this will need refreshing 1-2x's a year.  Keep your skin clean and avoid the use of fragrances and lotions.

If your jewelry begins to darken, fade, or tarnish please feel free to use a jewelry cleaning cloth and brisk, gentle motions to remove residue.  A quick scrub with a toothbrush and non-bleaching toothpaste can help remove staining as well. 

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