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How to Claim Items & Order From Your Consultant

 Hello!  Every Paparazzi Consultant has their method of showing items, receiving claims, invoicing, and shipping.  All the key details you need to shop our great inventory will be below.  After over 4 years of finding the fastest, most affordable way to get Paparazzi jewelry to customers - Gem Box Accessories will be your favorite place to shop!  We want to be YOUR Paparazzi Consultant!


🔥Welcome to Gem Box Accessories with Tianne🔥
💎Live Videos & Album Photos comment the item # and Gem or Sold to claim
(all claims final)
💎$3.75 shipping for 4 items
💎Invoices sent Friday to your email and overdue by Monday
(check junk/spam folders, please)
💎Ships in 5-7 Days of payment
Fashion Fix, Life of the Party, NEW Releases/Bombs Away available ONLY in our VIP Group on Facebook HERE.
💎Pop Up Sales & LIVE every weekday Mountain Standard Time zone
💎LIVE simultaneously on my Facebook Business Page & YouTube Channel
🔥NEW? Send your email address to:
PRODUCER Rank - top 5% pre-Elite, Zi Leaderboard 2 years running & sales in top 5%! Paparazzi Consultant since 2016 - over 5000 packages shipped. Shop with CONFIDENCE! <3


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My goal as an Independent Paparazzi Consultant:
Create a positive community of women who celebrate glam, beauty, tacos, and Paparazzi with a focus on developing their potential while realizing their strength and self-worth! 👑⚡️🌮💎
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Gem Box Accessories denotes Tianne Pierce, Independent Consultant of Paparazzi Accessories, Consultant ID 56975.
💎 Thank you ~ Tianne 💎
See you on my next live!

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