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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ | Gem Box Accessories

Paparazzi Jewelry | Frequently Asked Questions FAQ | Gem Box Accessories

Joining & Selling Paparazzi

Is there a monthly quota if I sign up?

Get excited! There is no monthly quota.  The only requirement to remaining a Consultant after you buy your kit/join/sign up is to have 200 PV from the date you join to one year after.  You have an entire year to meet that minimum.  You can do it day 1 or day 364 - or any mix in between.  It is approximately a $320 annual commitment.  You'll find it's pretty easy to generate that kind of profit if you work your business even at a minimum.  This quota resets annually.  Truly, that's it!


There is a difference between required and suggested.  A suggested minimum monthly is to be ACTIVE.  However, being active is NOT required.  It is entirely your choice.


Active = 50 PV monthly.  This is approximately a $80 commitment.  Active resets monthly.  EVERY CONSULTANT IS A STAR CONSULTANT THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. Yep, all equal and will earn our rank each month!  


Please know you will not be cancelled if you are not active.  Active is for the go-getters that recognize the value of being involved regularly with their business.  50 PV will qualify you for your monthly commission to be sent to you and will place you visibly on Paparazzi's search engine for those looking to find a Consultant.  


Paparazzi doesn't have to reward us for being Active but they do!  Most Consultants find being active is easy to accomplish if they work their business consistently.  Being active also contributes your PV to your team OV and helps your upline achieve rank.  Support yourself and lift your team.  It shows your sponsor you're showing up.  Be a runner.  Be active.


Is there an autoship required if I sign up?

Another perk! Nope, no buy ins or monthly shipments.  There is an OPTIONAL voluntary monthly enrollment called Fashion Fix.  This is by no means required but has exclusive pieces that make it easy to generate sales + get a peek at awesome new styles.  Pro Tip: Your monthly Fashion Fix order keeps you active by default.  How easy is that?


How much do Paparazzi Consultants actually make?

Please refer first to the income disclosure statement for Paparazzi Consultants -HERE-. I am a Producer as of August 2021 and these amounts are accurate as an average according to my experience.  This applies to commissions only.  These numbers are above what we make when we sell a piece in our inventory.  Commissions are not pulled from our downline - they are distributed as a direct payment from Paparazzi as an incentive and reward for developing a productive team.  This takes hard work and dedication to earn and I'm grateful Paparazzi offers a generous and comprehensive Compensation plan.  


In general, I don't disclose my monthly sales or create any type of numbers based posts.  Why? I want to maintain the respect of my customers and respect my family by keeping our financial records private. 


I find posting sales and commissions or brag posts on purchases to be in very poor taste.  I feel that your life should speak for itself and those that need attention ask for it and showing numbers to me, isn't appropriate. 


Instead, I try to show the security, and success Paparazzi brings by being happy, positive, building memories, and providing the most product I can and teaching my team.  


Do I have to be a 'salesperson' to be good at selling Paparazzi?

The jewelry is what you loved and it drew you in, right?  The Consultant can be fun, salesy, and have the best presentation but without the jewelry, there's no profit there, right?  Thankfully you don't have to be extroverted, have experience, have a business or marketing background to be successful. 


The basic formula for Paparazzi success is having access to social media, being willing to show/share the jewelry a couple times a week, and loving the bling with excitement.  The jewelry will sell itself.  If you've been complimented even once by wearing Paparazzi you could sell it because you've got it on.  So easy and I can help you grow into a different role if you'd like.  I don't ever pressure my team but I am an expert in growing potential.  You get to decide.


Did you join with the biggest kit?

I joined with the $99 kit.  I didn't have $500 for the biggest kit and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on an unknown.  It scared me.  However by the end of the month I purchased over $500 in inventory and sold it.  Had I bought the biggest kit I would've gotten a free ticket to Convention (which I ended up paying for the next year) AND tons of jewelry CHEAPER than the $2.75 Consultant cost.  I wish I'd gotten the biggest kit.  It's worth saving for.  

Every single one of my teammates that got the big kit has expressed relief they did.  It just makes sense.


Do you have to work hard to make money?

To make any money - no.  To build a career - yes.  But that holds true with any occupation.  I have found that if you pour your heart into Paparazzi you will make a profit, gain connections, and reach people.  The perks are priceless.  However, no one reaches Bling Boss without hard work.  I focus on every sale, every customer, every chance to show what Paparazzi is about.  The rest comes on its own over time.


How many people are on your team?

As of August 2021 I have 281 in my downline with 80 personally sponsored. 


On average I have 20-25 active personally sponsored each month.  It is totally normal to have 10-20% of your team be active over time. 


I wish more people would catch the vision and stay the course but 99% of the world seems to drop out, give up, or forget their dreams and I'm here to change that.  


Why aren't you Elite or Paparazzi famous?

I get asked this a lot and even had Consultants react with surprise (and some go into awkward mode) when they realize I'm not Elite as of August 2021. I just don't see rank as a qualifier to being smart, successful, capable, or being charged with AMAZING potential.  The best Consultant just may be you in the making.  I believe that about myself.  The rank just isn't past tense yet.  Saying that again for those in the back or those that underestimate or overestimate their rank.  Those things are what has been - I like to focus on what will BE. 


Here's why:  I am patient and know it's not up to me.  It's not my show.  I want to show gratitude for my team with where they are and what they can do rather than make it about me and ask them to run before they walk.  I am growing a FANTASTIC group of women into long-term happy Paparazzi friends, not just accumulating numbers or OV.  


As for being Paparazzi Famous - someone said it in a way that rang true to my heart: 'Fame is what you do for yourself, Greatness is what you do for others.'  I'm aiming at being GREAT.  Join with me.


Why should I pick you over a more famous Consultant or someone I know or shop with already?

Pick the sponsor that is the right fit for you.  Success or visibility doesn't auto-equal availability.  If my teaching, style, consistency, abilities, and personality spark you - pick me.  I do believe I'm the best sponsor out there.  Not out of arrogance, but because it takes a strong heart to lead and I love helping people find the success and joy Paparazzi has to offer.


Do you offer training to other Paparazzi Consultants or teams?

I do every day.  I present a live Clubhouse chat every morning 7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central, 10 am Eastern on focused hourly topics which are uploaded as a Podcast.  

My best training however is reserved for my team.  They get the results of my experimental processes and the in depth learning modules.  I owe them my gold.  However I do love and lift anyone who needs it.  We create the culture of Paparazzi by our actions and I am doing what I can to be helpful.


How long have you sold Paparazzi?

I joined Paparazzi in November of 2016 and my Consultant ID is 56975.  That means I'm the 56,975th Consultant to join the company.


Does your husband or family support you?

At first Jeff (my husband) was hesitant and my family didn't quite understand what I meant to do with it as I waffled for a few months after joining.  I didn't really tell them the numbers or profit, it seemed like a hobby.  Once I explained to Jeff my goals and he saw the Compensation plan and realized how people responded he said, "Never give up.  This is a gold mine."  They often help me package my orders and like to chat with customers when I'm live.  It's definitely a family business with me at the head.


How do you afford to sell Paparazzi full-time?

Not everyone who sells Paparazzi full-time is the sole breadwinner.  My husband Jeff is the CEO of an insurance general agency.  He provides for our family's needs.  I am proud to supplement that income that gives us flexibility for last-minute trips abroad, savings, and my own flexible FreeBird boot obsession.  It takes a team and I'm proud of my role in our family to help provide.  


What does rank mean in Paparazzi?

Rank is determined EACH MONTH by how much your downline orders in inventory from Paparazzi.  Each personally sponsored person in your downline contributes their PV and everyone underneath them's PV to create your team OV.  This OV determines your rank.  Your lifetime rank is the highest rank you've reached and is the lanyard you'll wear at Convention.  Your paid rank is where you rank each month.  Lifetime rank is never taken away however your commission is determined only by your current monthly rank.  You can often reach a lifetime rank once and be paid below that.  Paid rank is a more accurate reflection of your team's abilities and will reset monthly.


What does Life of the Party Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Pink Diamond, Black Diamond, Empire Diamond mean?

Please refer to this document to see the requirements and perks for each Life of the Party level -HERE-.


Is it hard to sign up to sell Paparazzi?

It takes less than a minute to join Paparazzi if you have a social security number or Tax ID number, over 18, and do not co-habitate with another Consultant at the same address.  

Note:  If you've been a Consultant in the past and want to rejoin, call to clear your SSN so you can be issued a new Consultant ID.


I quit Paparazzi and want to re-join and sign up again; Can I?

Yes you can if it's been one FULL year from the date you were cancelled by not reaching 200 PV or quit.  If you were cancelled due to compliance please email

If you've been a Consultant in the past and want to rejoin, call to clear your SSN so you can be issued a new Consultant ID.


How do I switch my Paparazzi sponsor?

You can only change your sponsor within 24 hours of joining or signing up.  After that, this is permanent. 


It is SO VERY IMPORTANT you see what a sponsor should be before you join so you don't have regret later.  I hear so often that Consultants wish they'd found me sooner or their sponsor is gone and they come to me for training.  I want to hug them and tell them they've got this on their own...but how much more FUN and fulfilling had they joined our vibrant, successful team?!


Sponsors are the only ones who will rank up when you order inventory and be mindful that their success may not equal yours. The best sponsors earn that rank and commission through teaching + help.  They should guide you.  Please look clearly at who you want to sign up with.  Ask yourself: do they embody what you see as the type of help you will need and future guidance you may seek.  It is absolutely okay to choose a sponsor outside of family, friends, or who you shop with because you want the best path to success.


I specialize in a comfortable, easy-to-follow sponsoring role. I love helping new Consultants who shop with the discount learn the ropes.  I love showing how to reach Director and how to grow your team.  I love showing how to make a website and survive on sales.  I am able to teach how to reach Bling Boss Empire Diamond Life of the Party sales or to keep your minimums.  Few sponsors can say they don't have a ceiling to their knowledge and I'm here to help you be big or small.  The good news is there is room for YOU.


My Paparazzi sponsor upline quit or is gone - what do I do?

You just keep going, mama.  No one is going to know your customers, your business abilities, or what your goals are more than you.  Your sponsor is a doorway to signing up and you can do your business completely with your talents.  Google your answers.  Talk to Consultants like me that love to help + teach.  Don't give up.  You don't owe your business to anyone but YOU.


Do you sell other MLM products or have a separate boutique?

Nope.  Paparazzi keeps me plenty busy and with the 50% profit on Starlet Shimmer and 45% profit on our $5 lineup I have my heart all beating Paparazzi pink!  Please direct any formal questions on what you can sell or not with Paparazzi products to  I love being loyal to Paparazzi and choose not to dilute my business with other gigs.


Do you get paid for your YouTube or Instagram or Podcast posts?

I am not monetized on any social media platform.  Any ads playing on videos indicates monetization and any questions on monetization should be addressed to


What are your average monthly sales?

In general, I don't disclose my monthly sales or create any type of numbers based posts.  Why? I want to maintain the respect of my customers and respect my family by keeping our financial records private. 


I find posting sales and commissions or brag posts on purchases to be in very poor taste.  I feel that your life should speak for itself and those that need attention ask for it and showing numbers to me, isn't appropriate. 


Instead, I try to show the security, and success Paparazzi brings by being happy, positive, building memories, and providing the most product I can and teaching my team.


How long does it take to be successful at Paparazzi?

One thing: Perspective.  It's not inventory, customers, a famous sponsor, or a huge following.  It's perspective.  Can you see you down the road and do the small steps to keep on the path of success?  If you can do that - keep things in perspective - you are already in the 1% of the best.


I want to quit - why should I stay?

No one can convince you to see something more than you want to see.  Are you truly working your business?  Have you tried to focus on serving your customers instead of making money off of them?  Do you look for inspiration or holes in the fabric of your business or Paparazzi? 


My advice for anyone wanting to quit is you have to WANT to stay.  Start there and then reboot your process.  It's not about who's ahead of you or what you want to make because you can't force processes or profit.  Look at the impact you want to make and how you can use Paparazzi to make that impact.  If this inspires you at all - stay. 



There is no shame in deciding this isn't your road and moving on - but, exhaust your options first before you throw in the towel.  You may be a quirked process or new method away from a new business.  Your road isn't guaranteed until you take the first step and let the journey unfold.


How do I sign up for Fashion Fix?

Contact via phone Paparazzi at (855) 697-2727.  There are 3 steps to Fashion Fix enrollment.

1.  Call to enroll, this puts you on the wait list.  You will be notified via email you are on the wait list.
2.  Wait list period lasts 2-3 months.  You will be notified via email when you are approved for enrollment.  This means you will have access to Fashion Fix from the upcoming month and then on automatically.
3.  Auto-enrollment occurs after you are approved.  This will deduct the Fashion Fix enrollment amount for all five trend blends, the exclusives, and hostess rewards from your bank account the 21st of each month, approximately $84.  You can hold one month by suspending your account or you can cancel.  If you cancel your subscription, you may not re-enroll in the future.  If your card fails payment twice you will be auto-cancelled from Fashion Fix.


How do I get the Life of the Party pieces?

To gain access to Life of the Party (LOTP or LOP) pieces you must reach at least Bronze level of PV during the qualifying year.  Your access will come after you qualify the September of the year you reached Life of the Party.  You begin qualifying as of July 1st of the year you join and reset annually every July 1st.

For example: If you join in March, your inventory purchased that carries PV will accrue until July 1st to determine your Life of the Party rank.  On July 1st the level you reached will give you access to those rewards at Convention (perks mailed to you) and access to the pieces from September until July of the upcoming year.

Life of the Party accrual period annually is July 1st - June 30th.


Do you have to reach a certain level to go to Convention?

All you have to do is be a Consultant and purchase a ticket or have a Consultant purchase a ticket for you using their Consultant ID as a guest.  You can also redeem your free voucher if you purchase the $499 starter kit.  There are no rank or team or sales qualifications to attend Convention.  It is open to all with a ticket.


Do you have to reach a certain level to go to Passport Vacation?

All you have to do is be a Consultant and purchase a ticket or have a Consultant purchase a ticket for you using their Consultant ID as a guest. There are no rank or team or sales qualifications to attend Passport Vacation.  It is open to all with a ticket.


Do you have to reach a certain level to go to Empower Me Pink?

All you have to do is be a Consultant and purchase a ticket or have a Consultant purchase a ticket for you using their Consultant ID as a guest. There are no rank or team or sales qualifications to attend Passport Vacation.  It is open to all with a ticket.  You may also attend more than one EMP or Empower Me Pink location.


Do you know the Founders of Paparazzi?

I know Misty and Chani a little by visiting and both of them simply by being at events.  I don't know Trent or Ryan personally as I tend to chat to Misty or Chani when I go to Convention or Passport Vacation.  Truthfully it's not because I'm cool but because they make themselves available and are approachable, down-to-earth people.  I'm grateful they take time to chat and get to know Consultants.


Who is your upline?

ME! Well truthfully that's how I feel.  No one is going to have more insight into my business or have the ability to reach my goals or customers  more than me and I prefer to keep my power and not hand it to others as no one is better than anyone else.  I just don't fangirl.  I do however love and support.  There is a big difference.

However, I am 6th in line from the first Consultant.  I'm grateful for friendship and support I've received from anyone who joined sooner.


How many items do you have in your inventory?

As of January 2021 I had over 8000 pieces in stock.  I am building my website from pieces I've accumulated since 2016 and more coming in every weekday during New Releases.  I love having a vast, current, and vintage stash!  You'll see most of it during my lives on Facebook/YouTube.


How long have you been selling Paparazzi?

I joined Paparazzi in November 22, 2016.  I wasn't really aware of how powerful this business could be until I went to Convention in 2017.  From then on it's been a passion, a joy, the biggest glow up, and my greatest source of friendship.  I love Paparazzi wholeheartedly.


Why did you join Paparazzi?

I joined Paparazzi for the discount and because nickel makes my ears hurt and my daughter's ears hurt.  I was glad to see $5 jewelry was cute and worth buying so I bought a kit.  I had ZERO idea of how cool the company was or what I would learn and who I would meet.  I wish I'd joined sooner because it's made me so happy.


Why should I join Paparazzi over another network marketing company?

I feel like Paparazzi has the richest Compensation plan and the commission sales structure is richer than other companies I've researched.  It's also very simple - you buy inventory and you sell inventory.  There are no claims about what it can do - it is what it is.  I like that simplicity.  

With less than 600k Consultants and billions of Americans there is so much room.  Every Consultant's inventory is different because I buy some New Releases but not all - the variety is endlessly repeating with new items every single weekday, Monday through Friday.

I love the low startup and clear Back Office full of help with worksheets, the planner, and display pieces.  Paparazzi provides every training, stock image, display and packaging option, and all you need to sell and make money.

I love Paparazzi for a lot of reasons - one of which is that it WORKS.  It really does 'change lives' with this $5 jewelry.  I hope it changes yours too.


Do you feel MLM's are bad, predatory, or don't work?

I'm aware of the anti-mlm sentiment and much of it stems from people who bought too much without justified sales/customers to do so, went into debt, have a desire to capture an audience of this sort, or had a bad experience.  I don't tend to focus on things that won't benefit my goals so I don't engage BUT I also believe Paparazzi to be unique.  I don't dabble in other MLM's other than a few purchases here and there if the product appeals to me.  However, with Paparazzi I like the clarity. There are no gimmicks.  There are no claims or benefits beyond common sense.  It's jewelry, plain and simple.  $5 value is wonderful and the $2.75 Consultant price is unbeatable.  The Compensation plan, resources, and style of Paparazzi is wonderful to me.  I have thrived in Paparazzi.

The culture of MLM's is driven by those who create it.  I stand firmly in place sharing that my journey is one of genuine profit, personal connection, and measured success.  I'm a NICU RN-BSN who now sells Paparazzi full-time and loves it wholeheartedly.  My story speaks for itself.


If you could describe the type of person that would succeed at Paparazzi, what would you say?

The best type of Consultant is a try-er.  Someone who gives things a chance, loves jewelry, and doesn't mind figuring things out to work for them.  If this sounds like you, let's do this together.  You'll surprise yourself with how different and real this #BlingLife is.



Shipping & Tracking

💋 Where is my order?
Once you place your order, you will receive an email with tracking once it ships.  Please check junk/spam folders and if you use Gmail, check the inbox sections of social and promotions.  Our shipping policy allows up to 2 weeks for arrival for in stock items and please note the ETA on pre-orders as they take up to 30 days to arrive to us.  All pre-orders are clearly marked as such for your convenience.


NOTE: Any queries regarding tracking/shipping within this processing/shipping period will be responded to with a referral to your tracking email.


    Note that tracking info is sent 95% of the time within 3-5 days of purchase with in stock items.  All pre-orders will ship once your entire order is complete.

    We are so proud of Gem Box and work hard to make sure customers love Gem Box too!  Shop with confidence - Your order is on its way, timely, safe, and accurate!

    💋   What if I only bought items ONLY on your Live?  When does it ship?
    If your order only contains items claimed from a LIVE video, it will ship within 3-5 days of payment.

    💋  I claimed items from PRE ORDERS/BOMBS AWAY on Facebook AND also claimed items from a LIVE video- when will my order ship?
    If you order contains items that are PRE ORDERS & BOMBS AWAY these items require up to 30 days to arrive and will ship once your order has every item needed for shipment.  *As of July 2021 there is a delay in shipping via FedEx from Paparazzi.  We expect this to resolve quickly.*

    💋   How do I qualify for FREE SHIPPING?
    If your final total reaches $75 at checkout it ships free. This includes invoices & website orders.

    💋  How do you ship?
    We ship USPS First Class or Priority mail with the US Postal Service and for larger orders it may be more cost effective to use UPS Ground.  

    💋  How do I track my order?
    You will receive a tracking number in your shipping email, sent to the email address you provided at checkout.  You will be able to track your order via a map, text, email, and/or Facebook messenger. These instructions are included in your shipping email to ensure you know exactly where your order is prior to arrival.

    💋 You said it would ship in 10's been longer.  Now what?
    We ship quickly and often well within the 10 day window however, delays do occur.  This is rare and is likely due to requiring product arrival or replacement.  We are proud of our high volume and quick turnaround and will ship your order as soon as possible. If a delay occurs, please respond to us with courtesy via email at info@gemboxaccessories to receive information regarding your order.


    💋  I wanted my items at a certain time (for a holiday/event/vacation)- What can I do?
    Before you purchase, please take into account the turnaround time of shipping within 3-5 days of in stock items and the time it may take to arrive once it is shipped.  Please also note the ETA of pre-order items.  We cannot guarantee any timed delivery, especially during peak seasons such as holidays where common postal delays occur.


    💋  I got my package- thank you!
    Once it arrives- Open your package and enjoy! We love making our customers happy and take pride in our secure & pretty packaging.  If you have questions or concerns on your order- please review  our shipping and refund/return policy below.  If your queries are not answered, feel free to email us at

    💋 Questions regarding your package being lost or stolen or delayed?  Please see our Shipping Policy HERE

    💋 Questions regarding broken/defective/incorrect items? 
    Please see our Refunds/Returns Policy HERE

    Invoices & Ordering

    💋 I just claimed an item on a Bombs Away or PRE ORDER albums on Facebook- what next?
    We will comment back to reserve your claim and invoice you the upcoming Friday via email.  Please note the ETA on all pre-orders.

    💋  I just claimed an item on a Live- what next?
    That item will be reserved with any other pieces you claim that week and invoiced on the upcoming Friday via email.

    💋 I'm new! How do I send you my info?
    Welcome to Gem Box!  If you are a first time shopper,  please either message us on Facebook your email and shipping address or completing the Contact Us form HERE.  

    💋 If I claim something in a Bombs Away/PRE ORDER album and on a LIVE - do you ship it separately or together?
    Album items and LIVE items combine to make one invoice per week that will be sent as one order.  They will ship once your order is complete - please note our pre orders are pending arrival from Paparazzi.  Review our pre-order policy in the top drop down menu of our website to review.

    💋  Can you send pictures or let me know what items what I ordered?
    Due to high sales volume, we aren't able to photograph your claims live - however you can totally screenshot your items or keep a note in your phone.  We suggest during LIVE videos to write down/take note of what you claim and the color to ensure memory of your orders.  We do however have photos included on any in-stock item on your invoice for your viewing fun.

    💋 When do you invoice?
    All invoices are emailed on Fridays and expire Monday.  

    💋 When is your billing cycle?
    Our billing cycle is Saturday through Friday with all claims from lives + albums + pre orders combined into ONE invoice emailed every Friday.  We are closed Sundays for family time + faith.  

    💋 When I buy from you- who packages and sends my order?
    Our CEO and founder, Tianne personally packages each order.  We take pride in our fast shipment, boutique-quality packaging, and excellent customer service.  If you want to order directly where it ships from the Corporate Warehouse, you will need an Independent Consultant to gain access.  Feel free to use Tianne's access link HERE.

    💋 How long do I have to pay for my invoice?
    Invoices are due upon receipt EVERY FRIDAY and auto-delete if left unpaid by Monday night with Sunday as a grace day. This is a generous 48 hours+ for payment.  

    💎 Invoices MUST BE paid within 48 hours - NO holds, exceptions, wait until payday scenarios, or breaking up of invoices, or "I forgot".  

    If you cannot pay within 48 hours, your invoice will delete and you will be immediately blocked/banned as we cannot indulge anyone who isn't a loyal customer.

    Important: It is your responsibility to make sure I have your correct email and shipping address before Friday. Send it here:

    If I don't have your email, you won't be invoiced and your items return to our inventory wait list.

    As a courtesy, we hold your items for no longer than 48 hours to allow time to complete your purchase. 

    One reminder email will be sent before auto-deletion for your convenience.  

    💋 I have been blocked/banned - Can I shop with you again?
    Because I allow an entire week to prepare for paying for your order and also send reminder emails - any non-paid order will result in a block/ban.  No exceptions.  You may order from my website as those orders require payment to process but there is to be no further claiming on social media or live videos.

    💋 It says my items are 'reserved' when I was emailed my invoice.  Does that mean I have until that date to pay?
    An item being 'reserved' is our automated system holding that item for you.  All invoices are due upon receipt and auto-delete within 48 hours.

    💋 I paid for an order on this website; what happens next?
    You will receive a confirmation email stating your order is now in queue to be processed and shipped.  

    A separate email will be forthcoming stating your order has been shipped and will provide tracking information.  Please allow our stated processing time for your order to arrive.

    💋  I received an email saying my order is 'confirmed' does that mean it has shipped?
    Confirmation emails are sent to assure you that payment has been processed for your order and it is now in our queue to be prepared for shipment. 

    Once your item ships, you will receive a separate shipping email that contains tracking information.  Thank you for your purchase!

    Fashion Fix & Life of the Party Orders

    💋 I pre-ordered Fashion Fix (or Life of the Party)...Can you include that in my invoice/order I already have? 
    Fashion Fix and Life of the Party items will be included with any other items to be invoiced on the upcoming Friday unless there are extenuating circumstances which will be announced in our VIP Group on Facebbook HERE.

    💋 I pre-ordered Fashion Fix (or Life of the Party) items but they're not on my invoice- why?
    -Fashion Fix invoice the Friday following the 4th of the month
    -Life of the Party invoice the Friday following the 14th of the month


    Changing Invoices/Orders & Default Policy


    💋 I don't want an item I've claimed anymore; what do I do?
    All claims are final.  Quantity of items is limited and reserved for you at the time of your claim therefore, please only claim what you intend to purchase and commit to buy.  

    💋 Can I change my invoice before I pay for my order?
    All invoices are final.  Please claim only what you intend to purchase as it is a courtesy to hold these items for you until the time of invoicing.


    💋 I'm on a fixed income or limited budget- Can I do layaway or pay for part of my order?
    We are unable to offer delays/holds/extensions on payment.  Please only claim what you intend to purchase.  
    💋 I get paid on a certain day or on 'payday', can I pay you on that day?
    As a courtesy to you, invoices are always sent on the Friday of the week you claim.  This fixed schedule provides the opportunity for you to plan your purchase accordingly.  Please only claim what you are able to pay for at the time of invoicing.

    💋 Can you hold my invoice another week?
    We are unable to hold orders.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please only claim what you are able to pay at the time of invoicing.

    💋 Can I add items from online claims/lives to my website order I've paid for?
    Website orders are created automatically at the time of payment and are final.  They are unable to be edited.  

    💋 I didn't pay for my order- Can you send it to me again?
    If payment is not completed within 48 hours, your invoice will auto-delete as a default and I'm unable to retrieve it.  This can be avoided by remembering you have an order coming.  Thank you for your understanding.

    💋  I let my order expire and/or didn't pay- Can I still shop with you?
    If an order is not paid and/or there is no response to get your invoicing info or you fail to reply to messages/emails, etc (i.e. forgotten or missed) your order is considered in default and will disable future shopping privileges. 
    Please pay invoices upon receipt to avoid this result.  Repeated issues with payment (i.e. sorry can't afford it, canceling before invoicing, claiming many pieces and dwindling it down to a minimum) will result in loss of shopping privileges. 
    This is totally avoidable as there is a choice to claim and if it is not affordable it at that time, do not claim.  This is a good lesson in life overall.


    Default Policy: You declare your intent to purchase when you claim an item.  Failure to pay for items claimed (i.e. default), will result in a social media block/ban and removal of future shopping privileges.  Our business is reserved for our loyal customers.  Thank you for shopping with integrity!
    If you are a personal friend, repeat customer, fellow Consultant, or acquaintance, please do not take advantage of our relationship by defaulting on your order or asking for extensions/holds i.e. special circumstances.    #GoldenRule 



    Discounts, Giveaways, Hostess Rewards & Shop Credits


    💋 I won something in a giveaway! How do I redeem my prize?
    Congratulations!  If the prize is a giveaway item - it will be mailed to you at the shipping of the retail cost of the prize.  If you have a pending invoice, it will be included on your invoice and shipping will apply.  

    💋 I have a Hostess Reward - How do I use it?
    Hostess Rewards are applied as a discount to your invoice for items claimed during your Hosted LIVE.  If you do not claim any items during your Hosted LIVE or you claim less than you earned, the balance of Rewards is forfeit.

    No holds/substitutions/or future offers implied.   Hostess Rewards can be revoked at our discretion.

    💋 I have a Discount/Loyalty Reward/Shop Credit...i.e. a FREE PIECE - How do I use it?
    We no longer offer Buy 12 Get 1 Free Loyalty Rewards but offer generous giveaways and incentives to reward loyal shoppers.

    💋 Can I have Discount/Shop Credit...i.e. FREE PIECE  applied to my invoice?
    All promo codes/discounts are redeemed at only.  These are offered as a courtesy and your understanding is appreciated.

    💋 Why are offers only given as links to use on your website?
    To provide the flexibility of selecting item(s) of your choice and at a time most convenient for you, we offer promo codes to redeem at your leisure.

    💋 Do offers expire?
    Great news!  Offers do not expire.  Limited time use codes will be clearly stated (i.e. free shipping over a weekend) as to when they expire and cannot be retroactively applied.

    💋 Can I lose my offer?
    Defaulting on an invoice for Code of Conduct or Non-Payment will forfeit all implied, accrued, or intended rewards.  We reserve the right to cancel or revoke any promo code without explanation or notification at our discretion.

    💋 I want to use a Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty Reward...FREE PIECE to get a totally FREE order- can I?
    If you receive a Discount/Shop Credit/Loyalty Reward it cannot be used to create a no-cost order to be mailed to you for free- shipping charges will apply. 

    Please enjoy our offers in the spirit in which they are provided, as courtesy items, not 'freebie' opportunities. 

    💋 What is a qualifying website order for an offer or discount?
    A qualifying website order requires a minimum of items matching your discount and shipping to be paid at the time of checkout.  

    💋 Why do I have to pay shipping if the item is free?
    If you receive a $5 shop credit and you order $5, the shipping cost of $3.75 will now create an order of $8.75.  The discount was intended for $5 only. This is more than your intended offer.  If there is a request to ship the offer for free, you are asking for more than your discount.  Therefore, in order to avoid loss and still offer incentives, shipping is required.  

    💋 Do I have to buy something to get a reward/prize/promo code?
    I do not offer incentives where you must purchase to qualify.   

    💋 Can I use more than one promo code (for example, FREE SHIPPING)?
    Only one offer/promo code may be used at a time.  Thank you for your understanding.

    💋  Oops! I forgot to give you my Discount/Shop Credit and I've already paid- Can I use it on my paid order?
    We are unable to retroactively apply any offers to paid orders.  As your discounts do not expire, please feel free to use it during your next shopping opportunity.

    Code of Conduct


    💋  I'm not happy with something- What can I do?
    Our goal is to provide excellent service and accurate orders.  Our margin of error is less than 5%.  Shop with confidence.  We also take immense pride in our positive outreach, helpful customer service, and prompt attention to any concerns.   We go above and beyond to offer A+ Diamond level service!
    However, if there is a concern, please reach us via email at 

    Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply.  Please also review this FAQ, our Shipping and Return policies as it may apply to your order.

    NOTE:  ANY rude, demeaning, sarcastic, passive aggressive, 'poor choice' behavior while engaging with Gem Box Accessories will result in deletion and auto-block/ban.  We reserve the right to preserve the positive, uplifting atmosphere of our content.  This includes all Social Media platforms.  Ask yourself before you engage: Is this going to bless or burden?

    There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for rudeness or lack of mature communication skills.
    Be respectful and communicate with us in a manner appropriate to a business setting.  Be aware that your concerns do not warrant or justify anger, passive-aggressiveness, threats, profanity, or poor conflict resolution to be a part of your communication.  We will always be a voice of respectful professionalism to you.  It may be a lost art, but using someone's name and speaking courteously in an email are a sign of intelligence and class


    We love being an Independent Consultant and do it for the joy. The sale for us, is secondary to the humanity of our business.  There isn't a sale amount worth being treated less than we deserve. #BeTheGoodYouSeek 

    If you've gotten this far- thank YOU for being thorough.  We post this information to be clear and provide you with answers to common questions.

    We respect your time and business and thrive on providing excellent service.  

    We appreciate YOU and will do our best to provide an A+ shopping experience.  We are happy to be your bling resource !


    Hello You!

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