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What Is A Wall Drop?

What Is A Wall Drop?
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 What Is A Wall Drop?

What is a wall drop? It's a photo collage of single or grouped items you hope to showcase as available/in stock.

Here are some features I like to do with wall drops:

1. Always show the crown to be compliant

2. Use the lightbox or white background image

3. In the caption (if showing multiple pics, edit each pic by choosing to Edit All before you post) write the NAME and SKU of each item +  ALWAYS have a caption!

I like forming it into a question and answer it with the benefits of our jewelry. In this case, I could just post a basic caption and write the names and hashtags, but it's not just about showing the jewelry to people, you want to boost your algorithm and get them to engage.

My hope in sharing a wall drop is to share the benefits of our jewelry and show new products or put an eye on anything I have in stock that is cute or fun - especially a new item with a matching vintage piece.  I always ask: What is my goal? 

The eye catcher of your wall drop is the image.  I really like putting items together out of the New Releases.  I ensure my images are compliant by including the crown logo and I don't edit them beyond grouping them in a collage or adding a shadow.  To make it easy on my customers to know which items they're seeing, I include a camera emoji and the name/SKU of each item.

Here's how I wrote the SKU/Name for a recent wall drop and the image I posted:


📸 Necklace:
Pampered Powerhouse - Copper
Item #P2RE-CPSH-191XX
📸 Earrings:
Asymmetrical Appeal - Copper
Item #P5PO-CPSH-040XX
📸 Bracelet:
Rosy Repose - Copper
Item #P9WH-CPSH-137XX



The image is the basis for the post and the items featured need to stand out.  Now that I've got all the details for the pieces, I want to share information on why to shop with me and grab these cute items.

I wanted to share how I love peach, love copper, and realize not everyone wants to wear a warm metal or incorporate color into their jewelry.  I wanted to answer the question of how to wear colorful pieces and branch out into new metals. I share the benefits of copper, how to wear it, and that it can be an option for people who may not choose it for themselves. I choose to write all of this into the caption of my wall drops.  

What's a caption?  It's the text associated with an image.  It's the readable content to match your stock/item photos.

Here is the caption on one of my wall drops:

Do you have a favorite color but struggle to incorporate it into your jewelry? Feel childish? Maybe just sticking to 'safe' basics?

Peach has long been a favorite color of mine but I don't necessarily want to WEAR it - ya know? I wore silver for years out of a lack of options. I went with what the 'cool' people wore and figured hey, it works for them, it'll work for me.

Cue, copper.

If you're bored with silver, not ready for gold, but what a warm-toned metal....go bronze! Here are some features of copper you may not know:

1. Copper comes in TWO shades: Classic and New Penny

2. Copper is a common alloy in Paparazzi jewelry and this won't rub into a copper undertone over time

3. Copper livens up skin and looks bright over clothing, a rarer type of jewelry and is a style standout If you've never tried copper before - give our Paparazzi copper pieces a go.

This trio is perfect for the fashion-forward or style-simple crowds. The glitter in the necklace is mellowed by the moonstone mix-n-match looking earrings and delicate floral bracelet.

This set can go together or stand alone.

Have you tried copper yet?


After the caption, I incorporate hashtags specific to my wall drop.  I add new ones that match the items and include a basic list of hashtags I post for every photo - these are standard Paparazzi hashtags I copy/paste from every wall drop. I break them up from the caption with a graphic of dots/heart so they appear slightly separated.

Why use hashtags?  Hashtags act like google search results when people look on Facebook and social media. If anyone types 'copper jewelry' into the FB search bar, my post will come up, driving traffic to me. 

Here are the hashtags I used on the same post captioned above:

------ ❤ ------
#paparazziaccessories #paparazziconsultant #paparazzijewelry #gemboxaccessories #paparazziboutique #paparazziapp #copperjewelry #paparazzinearme #gemboxaccessories #bronzejewelry #newpennycopper #shinypennycopper #classiccopper #copperearrings #coppernecklace #copperbracelet #paparazzijewelryandaccessories #shoppaparazzi #newreleases #rosejewelry #peachrhinestones #peachmoonstone #cateye #metallicjewelry #neutralstyle #glam #style #influencer #liveboutique #paparazziwalldrop #walldrop


Finally, I cross post to my social media platforms. This is posted on my BP and shared to my VIP Group....and will be on Instagram. I want people to know I love my stuff and have consistent offerings of recent product.  Let's recap on the key features of wall drops.


IF you do wall drops do you have this checklist marked off on every post?

1. Name/Sku of product

2. Hashtags for your products

3. A question and a benefit in the caption

4. Cross posted to different social media accounts

5. Compliant crown-included images

6.  You don't have to include a price every time as our lineup is a standard, set price.  If you have perks like no tax, low can mention those!  

Hint:  It's not about selling robotically.  It's about showing your customers you love the jewelry and are an expert on their behalf.  Doing this over time establishes that relationship.


Here is an example of the entire wall drop HERE (image below to show how it appears) - would this make the jewelry more interesting to you?  Did you learn anything new?  Would you try copper or pass?  Hopefully it's more than just a selling post and makes the jewelry look fun!



If you haven't tried wall drops before, give them a go.  It's an easy way to showcase matching items, items in similar styles/colors, focus on a sale, or even just build awareness.  The sky is the limit when it comes to your marketing options!  And before I go - try the copper, you'll love it!



  • Tianne: April 16, 2022

    Hi Melissa! I’m glad you found this helpful! I appreciate your comment. Congrats on your new teammate! One thing I like to do is keep the pictures to 3 or less so it’s not overwhelming for customers to let me know which item they like. To let ladies know which item is which, I’ll usually share a photo of one type of item or in different colors so that way if they claim “earrings” or “red” I know what they mean. You can share what the names of the items are or how to claim it in the main text/caption of the post or say ‘details to claim these pieces in the comments’ so your customers know how to reply to grab those pieces. I hope that helps too. You can also do an album where you post a main image that says ’Earrings" and add individual photos of earrings and in each caption add the SKU/title/description. This will help your algorithm and showcase more products than a single wall drop. I hope you have fun posting your fun pieces – good luck to you!

  • Melissa Hicks: April 14, 2022

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this. I have been trying to improve my wall drops so I am glad that I found this to read. Plus i just got my first person to sign up under me, so with this information I now have thanks to you I can help her do really good wall drops.
    Question, if you have more than 1 or 6 pictures to post should you do so by making the post and including 1 main picture in the description that says, for example- Wall Drop or Earrings- and then post the items in the wall drop in the comments/

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