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Virtual Tour of Paparazzi Headquarters Corporate Office!

Virtual Tour of Paparazzi Headquarters Corporate Office!
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Virtual Tour of Paparazzi Headquarters Corporate Office!

Many Consultants live outside of Utah or might be miles away from Paparazzi's headquarters.  I'm lucky to be only a few hours' drive from HQ and am able to go anytime.  With that in mind, I wanted to share a tour of the beautiful building and warehouses that Paparazzi has...literally, the House That Bling Built - located in St. George, Utah. 
The offices and warehouses are slightly out of town and this is the main building.  Keep in mind when Paparazzi started they were originally in Hurricane (hurr-ih-kun) Utah in a smaller building (that's still there as a shipping facility).  However, the new building is massive and glows pink at night.  You can't miss it and it's right off of I-15. 
I know you want to see what Paparazzi's HQ is all about -  Let's begin our tour!  When you drive up, you'll see this little sign and you know you're in the right place.  
Head up the  main drive and you'll see the front of the building nestled in between St. George's famous red rocks.  The contrast is really visually lovely.  If you're a Consultant, don't just park any ol''ve got a place just for you, right up front. 
Here's what you'll see when you pull up.  It's a pretty big building, a few stories high and if you look close, aimed at the mountain on the far left is where Trent and Summer film their weekly training videos.  Yep, here at the HQ!


If you look below the top left grid of windows on the far left, that's where I'm a talkin' about where Trent and Summer film.  I love how huge the logo is and the viewing verandah that overlooks the valley and the interstate.  It's a gorgeous space.


Head in to the breezeway of the front door and you'll be amazed at the detail and the light - Misty said she focused on details and she's right.  Detail is what makes HQ so pretty and inviting.  It begins the moment you open the doors.  Here is the view once you swing open the front door, right before that 'wow' moment of walking inside the foyer.
When you visit in person, you can feel how much effort was put into making this a beautiful space. Whether you walk up the custom dual winding staircase or take a selfie in THE CHAIR - you'll love your time at HQ!  I'm getting ahead of myself, we'll get to the chair...let's walk inside that front door and pause a moment.
This is the blank canvas of the opening foyer of HQ.  Without the chair and the details you can see how open it is.  This glass staircase is really beautiful and so tall.  You'll love walking up to the second story - you feel like a star!


Here's the foyer with the concentric circular chandelier, the C H A I R (yipee) and decor. Look up at the chandelier - it's amazing and several stories tall.



What's interesting is the type of material you'll see in various spaces.  The LED of the chandelier all suspended by invisible wire.  The stairs are charcoal stone, LED under-lit, and encased in glass. 

The receptionist desk is back-lit quartz and the gleaming metal tile houses the logo like a waterfall of light.  If you like the photos, in person it's very chic.  I appreciate the design elements and care put into making this a beautiful space.



Jeff is sitting one of two crushed velvet grey couches that were custom for the space admiring that gorgeous chandelier.  The console table is one of several 'bangle' tables were macro shots of a bangle dropping on a flat surface were used in the design.  It's made to resemble a bracelet in action. 

Remember that anecdote about details - this was a thoughtful design with jewelry in all of it's inspiration.  Even down to the splash of light from the pendant and sparkle are everywhere.


You'll also see as you walk in massive back-lit images of models wearing the blockbusters.  They are huge.  It's amazing they took the time to create those and show the diversity Paparazzi embraces.  



Take a look below at the 'bangle' table.  Every so often when you visit they'll have a book you can sign.  I was able to sign the 10 year anniversary book and don't worry about feeling out of place when you go - everyone is happy to see you!  It's as welcoming as you might imagine. 

See the sequin pillows and the Paparazzi Pink rug?  Yep, all the little touches make this space 100% Paparazzi.



Here is the welcome desk near the velvet sofas and be sure to say hi when you walk in.  Abby is super friendly and will often have a treat available nearby.  I loved seeing the quartz and the glam modern style of HQ.

Each side-light of the entry door has a small sitting area with sofas, chairs, and decorated tables open to the St. George light and palm trees.



The receptionist desk is central where the showroom is to the right and main offices/design is to the left.  Here is a closer look at the welcome desk.   



You might be super detailed and notice that there are pink candles everywhere.  I had to see what they were and it's a famous scent from a company called CapriBlue.  Here's the deets on the candle which you can buy HERE.



If you peek beyond the velvet couches and underneath the stairs, you'll see vignette spaces with leather chairs and glittering lamps.  Seriously, there is enough Hollywood-glam cozy space for you and allll your friends.



Directly behind the reception desk and leading behind are small alcoves with artwork...remember I mentioned treats?   You'll find those in the alcove adjacent to the showroom.  Be on the lookout for Crumbl cookies or some fun cupcakes.



Speaking of showroom, take a little turn at the reception desk (right if you're facing the desk, left if you're facing out the front door) and you'll see a lot of fun pieces. 


Here are some details about the Corporate Showroom that may spark your interest:

1.  The jewelry reflects current items, new releases, blockbusters, Zi, and Fashion Fix....and swag!

2.  You can buy jewelry the day it releases and have it picked up via willcall.  Have Abby scan your Consultant QR code to set up the willcall option.

3.  You can pick up orders here if you are a local Consultant with this set up as your delivery option.

4.  You may only choose willcall if in person at the showroom

5.  The showroom doesn't have New Releases for display at drop-time, but if you buy them that day you can pick them up that day.  How cool!

6.  You may handle the jewelry, please return it to where it originally hung.

7.  You may film and take photos at HQ including the showroom

8.  If you time it right, you'll be able to see Fashion Fix items in person before enrolled shipments arrive nationwide - perk!

9.  The showroom is open Mon - Fri the same as HQ hours.

10.  Yes, if you visit you can ask to meet the Founders and staff - they will happily come visit if they can.


The showroom is all iced acrylic and modern/geometric shelving.  There is also plenty of seating and a simple play area for kids.  

The jewelry is arranged by color and Blockbusters are directly to your right and the Zi Collection to your left.  Flanking the walls are swag from the Paparazzi Boutique and also Fashion Fix.  You'll see life size mannequins and also grouped sets for the Trend Blends.  It's a one stop shop for all things bling.  I mean, helloooo LOOK at those light fixtures!



We'll tour the showroom heading right from the entrance to the wall of Blockbusters.  This is a great opportunity to go live and show your team and customers what Paparazzi is built on - great jewelry at a great price.



At the far right wall you'll see the swag shop from the Paparazzi Boutique.  Look for shirts, hats, phone/wallet accessories, gift wrap, and totes.  Anything new from Convention or the latest Empower Me Pink will also be there after the event.  It's a great way to see the items in person!



Continuing to the center of the room there is a divider and jewelry by color will flank the walls.  Be careful when sliding the pieces off as they can slip.  In this photo you'll see the now retired Starlet Shimmer display.  
Another perk of the showroom is that the lighting is a bright, clean white with the right saturation for photos and lives....subtle hints at what your branding can be to reflect Paparazzi's style.



Some of the details I appreciate in the showroom are the angled treyed ceilings, the crystal sputnik chandeliers, and custom velour bolsters on the couches. The base colours are 'fade away' grey that allow your eye to be caught by the product.  These keeps visual distraction at a minimum.  Oh hey....there's another fab candle!



It's fun to peek at the beveled Regency mirrors too - a great spot for holding jewelry up to see it near you or to bounce light in a bright filled space.  Take a close up look at some of the jewelry on the iced acrylic peg boards. 

This is a great way to model your peg boards too!



As you continue along the back wall to the left you'll meet up with the Fashion Fix Trend Blends.  It's helpful to see them on a life-size model as well as on the displays.  Check out the custom acrylic set up!


Just beyond the Fashion Fix is a little playroom for kiddos with a mini kitchenette and table.  It's a thoughtful gesture towards the family-oriented atmosphere that Paparazzi promotes.  I know I'd appreciate being able to keep my children busy while I shop for a moment.


Just to the left of the kid's play area and on the right hand side of the entrance (now that we've made a full circle of the showroom) is the Zi Collection viewing area.  It's a real treat during virtual Convention to be able to see these in person before they were shipped out.  A Zi is definitely a must-see item as photos hardly do them justice.
You'll find the Zi Collection along with the sub-collection of the Signature Series - 20 total of these beautiful necklaces that you can see up close and enjoy in person. 
In the photos are the 2019 Zi Collection necklaces and earrings all on iced acrylic displays.


Once you exit the showroom head straight across the receptionist desk and you'll find the meeting rooms and at the far end of the hall a tufted pink bling wall and the restrooms. 
I'll share a funny photo of Jeff on the couch because this is your view as you exit the showroom (minus Jeff, haha) ....head toward the pink and you'll love the conference room wall art - here we go!



As you head towards the conference room take a look at the diamond light display on the wall.  It's a neutral contrast to the pinks/chrome and glass that make the conference room light and cheery.  This is where Misty will film a few of her Sneak Peek's of new releases!



Behold the conference room with it's pulled glass art wall, pink contrast detail, and vivid florals.  I love the wide, long table and it's perfect for a presentation or meeting.  I wish all conference rooms had this kind of style.
Take a minute to appreciate the industrial tooled plank ceiling, repeat of the sputnik chandeliers and the graphic design of the carpet.  The repeated details of simple geometrics, abstract patterns, and touches of pink and floral keep this from being too harsh or too feminine.  HQ has a balanced feel and a lot of airy light.  The last photo of this room shows the detail of the glass wall art - it's abstract and the glittery pink textured wall is uber cool.  Misty, come decorate my house.



Before we head upstairs, I'll share the final spaces of this bottom floor - the bathrooms and pink selfie wall.  Now before you worry I'll post pictures of the actual bathroom, I'll just share the coolest part: the tile.   You find the bathroom by leaving the conference room, taking a left towards the pink wall and you'll see the restrooms on the right. 

To the left is an exit door and other areas not open to the public.  The wall has some pretty abstract art and small benches along the side wall.  I love all the pink neon and geometric shapes - it's like watercolor and paint in all the colors of pretty pink.




At the Preview Party when Corporate first unveiled the building everyone was "oooh and ahhh" over the bathroom it is in all of it's bling glory!  First you see the glass style subway and the second photo is the one we all died over.  Yes, they have rhinestones in the bathroom.  



Okay okay, you're probably like me and WANT to see the bathrooms - here ya go!  Jeweled pendants as light fixtures remind me of prong set diamonds and take a peek at the crystal vanity tray.  You can see the tiling in the mirror reflection.  Hey man, if you're going to build an homage to bling - it's going to glitter everywhere! Even in the loo!



Our final stop on the ground floor is the pink selfie wall - it's a soft velvet magenta wall in tufted fabric.  It's a quilted diagonal design and it's literally floor to ceiling.  It's picture perfect for selfies and graphic overlays!



Okay that's level one - now let's head back out past the conference room to the front desk and the foyer.  Time to head up those gorgeous stairs - either side will's even prettier upstairs, if you can believe that!




At the top centrally placed is the throne lol, the famous CHAIR that everyone loves to take a photo in - myself included!  Here is a shot of the chair and a wide angle of the landing at the top of the stairs. 

Just in case you're wondering about the layout: to the left is the level above the conference room and that's design, photo staging, marketing, and the right is the viewing platform, upper foyer, and shipping warehouse connection.  You'll be amazed at the view from the top!


This last photo I look like the Jarl of Whiterun (Skyrim reference for you gamers out there)....I like the one above - it's more "me"!


As promised, if you look from the chair towards the entrance, check out this view!


Let's check out the second foyer first which leads to an outdoor patio/veranda.  You'll head towards the left from the chair if you are facing the we go!  This is personally my favorite area at HQ.  I think you'll see why!  Sky and windows for days!  It's even prettier at Christmas!



Take a closer look at the details in this room.  There is a lot of abstract art with hot pink and neon hues, glossy silver details, and simple, modern furniture.  One of my favorite features is the large white quartz geode atop another signature bangle table.  It's just so cool to hang out up here.  Thank you Paparazzi for providing such a beautiful space to enjoy.






If you visit Corporate now the glass you see behind this table is covered with branded graphic overlays but at one point they were open into the shipping warehouse.  Every now and again on TikTok you'll see a peek into this area.  Here's a behind the scenes look at this shipping room as accessed from the veranda. 

What's incredible is the amount of stock in this warehouse.  What's even more incredible is that there is a secondary space attached to this with MORE bling.  Wouldn't it be fun to peek inside?




If you turn around back into the veranda area you'll see glass doors leading out to an outdoor patio.  It's a room sized space with outdoor seating and lots of fresh air in the wonderful St. George sun.  Obviously Jeff is enjoying his time at Corporate here.



If you head back inside, don't forget to take a look at the elevator with a huge crown logo and stop to check out the heeeuge couch that sits just behind the chair pavilion. 



Sometimes people get so excited to take a selfie in the pink velvet queen chair they miss some fun details like this rhinestone hand-nailed couch.  Custom for the space and it's as long as three sofas, at least.  Feel free to hang out on the chaise lounger sections on your Macbook and blog to your team - like I did!  Don't forget to snuggle up to a sequin pillow or two!



Okay so that's the gist of HQ - really it's a beautiful, open space filled with light and color and sparkle.  It's a happy, joyous vibe and if you get the lucky chance to go hang out - enjoy it!  I've shared what you'll see if you stop by.  There are a few more areas I've been to when I went to the Preview Party and Open House which gave a little more behind the scenes....take a look at the staff lunchroom - full of Paparazzi fun!



Also past this area on the ground floor after the design space is an open wall with a huge inspirational message - perfect for selfies, if you get the cool chance to be there!



Now that you've had the grand tour, you're almost on your way out - before you go, take one last peek up as you head out the front door...don't miss the bling vases on the alcove above the exit.


Now a tour wouldn't be complete if I didn't have video - thank you for reading and scrolling this far down.  I have gone a few times to Corporate and went live for my team the last two visits I made in 2020 and 2021.  I hope you enjoy this in person look at Paparazzi's corporate HQ. 

Here are videos showing me at Corporate during 2020 for a virtual Unwritten Convention and 2021 for a virtual Empower Me Pink - Hope you enjoy!


Don't forget to say hi to Abby at the front desk or grab a photo with the Founders! You'll love Summer with Elite Services and Becky with Events and Breanna too if you're lucky!  Perhaps you'll get a behind-the-scenes peek and come tell me about it.......however the big secret is, where's the VAULT?  I gotta find that one out!

Let me know if you've been to HQ - I'd love to hear your stories!  Next time I go, I'll update here so you'll be the first to know.  Have a great day!



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