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THE BLING BLOG: Step 3 - Going Live: Checklist, Supplies, + Prep

THE BLING BLOG: Step 3 - Going Live: Checklist, Supplies, + Prep | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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THE BLING BLOG: Step 3 - Going Live: Checklist, Supplies, + Prep

Going live online is proving to be the best way to reach new customers and gather your sales.  This can be intimidating if you've never gone live in a business format or if being on camera feels unnatural.  My goal is to help ease your jitters and share products I use to be prepared and be camera ready.  Here we go!  Believe it or not - it's a learned skill and a bit of prep work will have you feeling like a pro in no time.
Your first step is to unbox your kit LIVE on your personal timeline on Facebook or on Instagram. Choose wherever you feel the most comfortable - it can be neither of those.  Ideally, you'll want to share the actual opening of your kit and continue the trend with every box you get.  It's the easiest, fastest way to showcase your jewelry.


Why sell live?  According to a 2019 study done in Asia, "perceived interactivity has a positive relationship with purchase intention".  That translates to: If customers interactively engage with you, they shop with you.  Live selling is a fantastic way to provide that connection.  Think about your own engagement online - have you been interested in someone live - like a boutique, makeup demo, or tutorial?  Your hope is that when you go live, you'll spark that interest as well.
Yes, you will be nervous - that's absolutely normal.  I was so nervous I was shaking and wore a ton of makeup and was worried I'd look silly or desperate.  In truth, people were curious and stuck around - even five years later.  Please know this is a learned skill and one that takes time to become accustomed to.  If you need time to build up to having the confidence to face unboxing your kit live, do a test-run by going live with your sponsor or to a trusted friend by using FaceTime or WhatsApp via a video call.  I'm always happy to help if you want a safe place to practice before you hit that live button online.
During your attempts to learn, try holding up a piece of jewelry you already own and practice numbering and dealing with items being claimed as you FaceTime or video chat with someone.  Have them claim and you will get used to the rhythm of how to show, set aside a claimed piece, set aside an available piece, and how to repeat that pattern and engage at the same time. If you don't have jewelry, use 10 items in your house.  The idea is to develop that physical muscle memory of how to sell on camera.
Your goal is to get used to being on the spot and managing things in your hands and talking at the same time. It's okay if you mess up.  It's okay if you drop things or get the item wrong.  It's okay if you freeze.  You're not meant to be a home shopping channel out of the gate. I've been doing this for years and I still mess up sometimes. You just roll with it and laugh over it. You're human and it will make you more real.
💡 Pro Tip:  Once you get notice your kit has shipped, set up a time with your sponsor, a friend, or me and share your idea of a try-it "live".  It'll help smooth out your nerves and kinks before you go live in real time.
We've covered the emotion behind going live and a couple key benefits - but what do you need to be ready?  You may wonder why you need resources and this is normal with a new business.  If you began a restaurant you'd need chairs, tables, prep items, etc....consider this as the backbone investment to enhance your ability to hone your craft.  None of it is necessary, but it's what I did and I wanted to share as it helped me out a lot in prepping to go live.

10 Step Basic LIVE Checklist

1. Your kit, ready to be opened.

Set a date/time you will go live and let people know by posting online. 


2. Before you turn the camera on, have a table or desk/flat space for your items.

The floor works too.  I like a kitchen island or if you have a home office, a desk space is perfect.


3. Have a container nearby that you will use to place the customer bags full of items into as they claim pieces during your live. 

You can use your original kit box or a simple container.


4. Good lighting, face a window if you can. 

Natural light is universally flattering.


5. An outfit/shirt that makes you feel confident on camera. 

Choose a color that gives you happy vibes.  You want to feel your best.


6. A device to go live with, like a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or a webcam attached to a laptop or desktop. 

Be sure to have your camera secured safely so it will stay in place.  If you need something to hold your phone with, try this ringlight.  Bright light and adjustable angles help clarify the products and give a great glow.  I started with my phone camera - it works great!


7. A lined notepad, post-it notes, 8.5 x 11 page protector sleeves, and pen/pencil so you can keep organized with who claims what. 

When a customer claims something, I write their name on the post-it, affix it inside the clear sleeve and put the item into the sleeve.  After the live, I invoice based on how many items they claim and submit that to them via email.  Super easy!  The notepad is helpful to write down questions customers have, things to look up if they request a product, or to note things you may need to order more of.


8. A new business email (gmail is great) and A way to collect payment like Venmo/Cash/Square/Paypal. 

I like Venmo the best.  Find the one with zero or lower fees.  The average is 3% on standard transactions and often zero fee if it isn't an instant transfer.

9.  6 x 10 bubble mailer packages and packing material - tissue is popular, or you can order pink Paparazzi bags in your back office under 'Paparazzi Boutique', or you can use simple bubble wrap. 

Check out affordable options if these aren't your style.


10.  Numbers for your items. 

You can make them, print them (HERE is a .pdf for ones to use with your phone) or grab them on Amazon or in the Back Office under Paparazzi Boutique.  

You've got a good idea of what to have in your toolbox to go live, now let's practice!  Here is a run down of how unboxing your kit can go for your very first live. Read this before you go live and this will help you know what to expect and prepare.
Live Stream Role Play
If you are doing a practice run with a friend/sponsor using FaceTime or What'sApp this will likely feel familiar to you tech-wise to get the camera on.  Before you start your feed though, let's get organized.

Set your table up and prop/secure your camera.  Have your work surface ready - table, desk, etc.  Move your arms to ensure you have enough space and take a quick selfie photo once your phone/camera is set up to make sure you like the screen your viewers will see.  Adjust lighting and ensure you've got comfortable seating.
I like to have my numbers near my dominant hand in a stack if I am opening new products so I can grab pieces/numbers quickly.  If it's an already opened product, I use sandwich sized ziploc bags and keep the number + item enclosed together.  Any extras of that piece I include in that bag as well (extras I don't open from the original packaging).  You can keep the bags in a container/box and pull them individually, show the item/number, and place back in the bag and put in the 'shown' box.  Super easy!

💡 Pro Tip: By having the number and item in the bag ready to go, you can quickly show the piece and have a quick way to know which item # someone refers to at any time.  It's also easy for making recap videos to quickly review what is still available.
Now that you're all set up - let's get the camera rolling!  A lot of this info might seem simple, but it helps to take the guesswork out. So here you are, ready to go, now let's get on camera!
The Real Thing: Your First Live
If you are going to go live without practice, you won't be streaming live immediately.  Watch your screen and start talking as soon as the camera indicates you are live by the red live icon or eye icon. Smile, introduce yourself by name and share that you are a brand new Paparazzi consultant.  Explain that you are unboxing your brand new starter kit. Let them know that there is going to be a lot of fun ways they can now order amazing jewelry from you.  Feel free to share your why if you are waiting for people to pop on.  Encourage watchers to share and explain the price, your shipping costs, and when you will invoice.
Be enthusiastic and begin to open your box. Enjoy taking the pieces out of the cellophane and discovering what they look like. Look at the camera, read the comments, and remember to respond to people as they talk to you.
As you examine each piece, make it simple, and take your time.  Let watchers know how many of each item you have on hand.  As you show pieces, the first person to comment the # gets the piece and confirm their claim by stating they've gotten in.
As pieces get claimed, write the customer name on a post it note and slide it into a sleeve so you can see it.  Then put the item inside and set it in the box/container where you'll keep your claimed items. Make sure you let your customers know you need their email and shipping address right away and what email they can send it to or to comment it and you'll write it down - it helps to have that legal pad/notepad for that purpose. If you'd like, let them know your email address so they can reach out to you or they can direct message you on Facebook if they'd like to send it privately.  
While you're engaging, talk about the details on the pieces you see, the colors, how pretty it is, and what you like about it.  Get your family in on it. Laugh, have fun! This is a great one-and-only chance to open your kit and show it. You will be surprised at how excited people will be for you!  Your happiness will be contagious.

💡 Pro Tip: Invite your sponsor and team to watch and cheer you on.  Your team can be an immediate source of support.  
Before you turn the camera off, let people know you will be creating or you have a Facebook Business Page and will be sharing jewelry there soon.  If you have it created, let them know how to find you online and where. Make sure to let customers know how you ship.  I encourage Consultants to offer a flat rate of $4 and orders $75 and up ship free.  It's up to you to charge sales tax or not.  Be sure to consult a tax professional.
You did it! Post Live Invoice + Shipping
After your live is done you need to collect payment and get the items to your customers.  Remember how we talked about having a Venmo account?  Make sure you attach your banking info/debit card so you can request and also deposit payments by the time you go live. This is a great way to take payment as you grow your business.
When you are ready to charge the customer, count the # of $5 items they claim and apply shipping to the total requested if that applies. You can then ask for Venmo payment in the total of the items they claim. Here is an example of how to do that if a customer claimed 5 of the pieces in your kit:
Request payment of: $29
Subject: Paparazzi $5 item x 5, $4 shipping
A note about shipping costs for the first week or so: This is not a Paparazzi policy on what to charge for shipping. A $4 flat rate is what I've found to be the best amount to begin with. We will talk more in the next few posts about shipping and payment options.  For now, the goal is go LIVE and get the word out in an easy, fast way to get you over the camera jitters a little bit and then get the product to customers quickly and easily. NO stress!  To sell live you repeat the process of getting organized, showing product, and invoicing to turnover your inventory.
It's that easy.

Below are some more ideas if the checklist above seems basic to you or you feel more confident.

Add On Supplies Above & Beyond Basic Checklist

If you want more than the 10 Step Basic Checklist supplies for your live videos, here's a tip: As soon as you order your kit and read this, go to Amazon and order the following so that it can arrive before or right when your kit does:
Cellophane or Organza Bags For Shipping Claimed Pieces
3x5 bags = fits rings, bracelets, earrings
5x7 = bangles/thick bracelets, necklaces
6x9 = wood necklaces/pearl necklaces
8x10 = Zi/Large Wood necklaces

Box For Claimed Items
Low and rectangular, something you can lay your plastic sleeves in and keep them all together for when you invoice. Think a low flat, box like a kitty litter box. Seriously as weird as it sounds, it's the perfect size and shape.
Thank You & Fragile Stickers
These are great to seal closed the bags you put all of the claimed items in.  I love the Paparazzi bags in the Back Office.  They are super affordable too!
Organizing Items Customers Claim During Lives
When customers claim pieces during my lives, I write their name on a post it note and I then slip the item claimed into a separate clear cellophane page protector sleeve.  When the live is over, I count the items and invoice.
When it comes time to ship, I place each item in a size appropriate sealed cellophane bag, so that there are no loose, jumbled items . It looks fresh and sealed up for when the customer takes the pieces out.  I place each sealed item into a pink Paparazzi bag.
While I am sealing up the cellophane bags I double check what I have for that customer with their payment. Once it's all ready to go, I then fold the top of the pink bag over and put a thank you sticker on top. This keeps the pink bag closed so items don't fall out during shipment.
I then place the pink bag into a bubble mailer and use my sharpie to write the customer name on the outside so I know whose order it is when it comes time to put a shipping label on the package.  I also try to include a note.
Shipping: Post Office or Ship From Home & Shipping Supplies
At this point you have two options on how to mail your orders. You can go to the post office or ship from home.
If you want to go to the post office, take your bubble mailer and make sure you have your customer's address ready to write on the label. Pay for the postage at the kiosk or counter just like you would when you mail a package to a friend.
If shipping from home, you can create a shipping label to mail it from your mailbox or have the postman come to your house to pick up the packages. To ship from home for this first while before you get Shopify set up, create an account on PirateShip as this is the easiest and most cost effective way to begin.
Once you have your PirateShip account set up, begin to create a mailing label for each customer's package. Use your home address for the return address on the package. Print the label on your home printer and tape it to the front of the package. Later on we'll discuss printing labels and having a shipping set up for long-term. For now, it's all about learning the ropes.
Products to Show:
Your kit will be your first live box of inventory. If you want to boost what you have in your kit, once you join, order a few of the Blockbusters from the Back Office.  These are great to use because they are always available and if customers love you wearing them, you can order them in for people.  What you wear will always be popular and you want to have those pieces ready for customers to enjoy.
Once the Blockbusters arrive, if you've opened your kit on camera, go live again to show sets with the Blockbusters and any matching items that may be in your kit.
💡 Pro Tip: If you don't have Blockbusters in hand yet, you can show photos of the Blockbusters before your kit arrives. As people claim them, you can order them. This process of showing product before you buy it and then ordering it for your customer is called doing a 'pre-order'.  You invoice like you normally would, on schedule, and ship when the item arrives.  Be sure to tell your customers their package won't ship until the pre-order arrives.
An example of what jewelry to wear during lives, or for the first one:
Choose something from your kit or order the following from the Blockbuster section in your Back Office: Hollywood Hills necklace x 2, Old Hollywood Bracelet x 2, Glitzy by Association - White Hoop earrings, and Blinding Brilliance Ring.
💡 Pro Tip: Try wearing 2 of the $5 Blockbuster necklaces at once. By doing so you are showing how simple $5 pieces stacked can mimic the glam of a Zi piece at less than half the cost. Also by wearing a set you are showing by example how to pair pieces and reinforcing your role as a jewelry stylist
Weekly Goals:
Live 2-3x's a week for 45-120 minutes. Daily if less than 45 minutes long.
If you can go live longer, do! If you really want to maximize the amount of people who see your lives and increase items claimed, go live for a minimum of 3 hours. Make this time go by by showing 3 piece matching sets. Feel free to say if you reach 10 viewers you'll give away a free pair of earrings. At 20 viewers it will be earrings and a ring. Make it fun!
If 3 hours is too long for you, realize that when you can't go live that long, the way to keep your momentum going is to be on camera more. Every day for this first week get on for 10 minutes each day and show a minimum of 10 items.
What doesn't sell after your first week, take pictures of and post those photos on Facebook for people to claim. Let people know they need to send you their Venmo ID so you can charge them and when you will be invoicing. I invoice every Friday.  You can also do a speedy recap after your long live and quickly make a new video only showing the items remaining.  You can post recaps as stories on Facebook or Instagram or as a Reel on Instagram.  Sometimes those short videos are easier for people to access and view.  Replays are also a great way to reach people.  
💡 Pro Tip: Go live as much as you can as long as you can at first.  This helps you grow your audience. If you can be on camera less often when are you live, stay on longer. If you can go live more often it's okay to be on camera for a shorter duration. Whatever you do - KEEP GOING LIVE! That's the best way to overcome jitters and get better at it.
Hopefully this helps you get a good feel for how to go live and how I organize my items and show them on camera.  Give yourself grace and know it takes time to do this smoothly and comfortably.  Remember you're talking to people who are interested and especially at first, someone that knows you.  Take your time and do your best.  The more you do it, the easier it will become.
My final encouragement is to say that not everyone has a lot of viewers at first.  Don't discredit the power of replays - your views will grow even after you're not on camera anymore.  You just keep trying!  If your live views are slow, try a different time of day, a different creative!
You can do it!  I believe in you!  I know how nervous you can feel, I was there too...but you can absolutely do it! 



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