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THE BLING BLOG: Step 2 - How To Begin Your Business Before Your Kit Arrives

THE BLING BLOG: Step 2 - How To Begin Your Business Before Your Kit Arrives | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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THE BLING BLOG: Step 2 - How To Begin Your Business Before Your Kit Arrives


If you've recently joined as a Consultant, you're probably unsure where to begin.  Your kit hasn't come yet - but you'd like to start, right?  Let's work through this together.  Building a business isn't a one-step or even a several-step process.  You'll find there are things you can do to establish yourself online and advertise and will likely revisit how you approach that several times as your confidence and abilities grow.  The key is to take it at your pace as your schedule, budget, and time allows.  Be mindful and self-aware of what you realistically can and cannot do and adjust as needed.  Nothing worthwhile is built overnight and this is something that ideally you would like to create as professionally and as balanced into your life as you can.


But first things first: While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, which can take 3-5 business days, here are helpful training tips to help you get started.

Question: When will your kit arrive?
Answer: If you order on a Friday, it likely won't ship until Monday. All other days, please allow 3-5 business days for your kit to arrive. You will be emailed tracking.

Here are KEY things to do BEFORE your Kit arrives!


Access The Back Office
What is the "Back Office" - your online database & informatics tool Paparazzi provides - and access it for the first time.  It's what Paparazzi's website will look to you when logged in as a Consultant.  It's different than just shopping as a customer.


Begin by going to Paparazzi's website ( and sign in using your Consultant ID and temporary password emailed to you by Paparazzi upon joining. Create new Username and Password.  Your username is usually your Consultant ID and you can save your password on your phone/laptop/etc for easy log in access from here on out.


Review The New Consultant Checklist

  • Go over the New Consultant Checklist with your sponsor or reach out to me. 

This Checklist can be found by logging in to the Back Office using your login info and utilizing your browser (not the app). Once logged in, click your profile in the upper right.  This will take you to the home page of your Back Office. In the top tab across the central margin of your screen, locate Resources, click that. On the left hand side will be a menu bar, click Consultant Resources. Download the New Consultant Checklist. If the Back Office confuses you, call your sponsor or me - I'll happily help. Don't sit and try to figure it out and get lost. It's faster if you let an expert show you the first few times and I want this to feel seamless to you.

Now that you have a feel for what a Consultant does and how to access your Back Office, you've got a platform to begin reaching out to customers and your audience.  Don't be nervous - it will feel awkward at first, especially if you're unsure, nervous, or worry it might not succeed.  This is just a step - your very first and you can do it.  

💡 Pro Tip: These ideas are not required but will help you find the fastest and easiest road to success. Please remember your journey with Paparazzi will largely be what YOU make of it at a pace you set. My goal as a team leader is to help you start strong and avoid the common mishaps that can come up.  How you approach that is your own custom methodology - go for it.  Be creative beyond these tips.

ANNOUNCE your new journey on social media.
  • Do this immediately after you join.
Social Media Platforms to Consider:
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat, & VSCO - really anywhere you want to establish a web presence.
How to:
-Take an "I'm TOO EXCITED" selfie and post it on social media and describe your new venture.  You can post yourself wearing Paparazzi or a photo that resonates with you or a quote.  Whatever speaks to you.
Why: You want to build excitement with your audience, family and friends. Let them know you're beginning this new adventure.

Start a "Countdown to my Kit" post on social media the day after or soon after joining.
  • Goal: Create A Conversation and buzz for your business. 
People will be curious as to when you will receive your kit and will want to see you open it.  You can build this momentum by showing when to expect your Starter Kit.  You can offer a giveaway, a shop credit, free shipping discount, etc as an initial promotion.

💡 Pro Tip: Ask people to guess the exact day and time it will arrive! People love guessing stuff! Let them know they can win a free piece of jewelry from your kit for guessing that you choose.  You can post this on your personal Facebook timeline or on Instagram and ask people to comment with their guess.  The person who guesses correctly, wins.

Share your WHY on social media right before your kit arrives.
  • A 'why' statement shows your intent and goals.  You don't have to post a lot or be too personal.  It can be as simple as just being excited.  Your own style and voice is what makes this important and valid.
The reason for sharing why you joined is multi-fold.  People may not know what Paparazzi is or the benefits of joining such as the discount of 45% on the $5 items, 35% on the Zi Collection and 50% on Starlet Shimmer.  They may not realize you can create your own team/downline and receive commission as your team grows.  A lot of people may have no idea what Paparazzi is about and you can share your new info. You are now a proverbial spokesperson in your role as an Independent Consultant. People invest in things that have personal value and your WHY can generate that and increase interest in your products. Share your reason for joining on social media platforms.

💡 Pro Tip: Use a selfie of you wearing jewelry or writing your why to create engagement and be sure to respond to those who respond to you.  The goal isn't to treat people like sales options - but to share genuine interaction.  If people like you, the likelihood of them supporting you is greater, in your business and otherwise. 


Key Point: There are millions of faceless strangers that are retail prospects only but that isn't who you'll reach at first.  Your warm market begins with those you know and flows from who they know.  By sharing indirectly to them in a social media post it can generate awareness of your business and goals.   

Begin planning your methods of Operation
  • Think of a business name (this can change, don't worry but it can be as simple as "Jewelry by _____ {Your First Name} and decide where you want to begin your journey. 
  • Find your platform to post online.  Do you prefer Facebook or Instagram or both?  You can create a Business Page or Group or use your own timeline or profile.  
  • Create your payment profile.  If you don't have a Venmo or Paypal account yet, set one up.  Paypal allows you to invoice and add tracking.  Keep in mind that some charge fees, i.e. Paypal charges 3% and this deducts from your profit margin. 
You don't have to have all of these things set up just perfect - only begin.  You want to be able to post product, process invoices, and collect payments by the time your kit arrives.  These small steps will help you to do that.

Prepare Live Account + Event
It can feel unnerving to go live.  That's absolutely normal.  Let me reassure you that it is the most productive way to sell and will have a learning curve of jitters, practice showing jewelry, and responding.  You can do it.  I highly suggest you go live bravely and open your kit. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, HAPPS, and YouTube.

💡Pro Tip: YouTube requires a 24 hour approval period before you go live. Take time to create a profile on the social media platforms you want to use and see what they require to livestream.  This is a great chance to check so you don't accidentally find out requirements that make you have to wait and will miss the chance to go live when you'd like.
The next blog post, Step 3, will go over the 10 items you will need to go live for the first time.  This easy checklist will help you feel prepared.  You will want to immediately order any supplies you feel you need so that you are ready to go LIVE to show yourself unboxing your kit.
For an extra boost - should you like, you can create a Facebook Event on your brand new Business Page on which will show the date/time and a brief description.  Here is a link to help you learn how to do that.

Use this Blog your Encyclopedia of Training
You can spend hours over researching, watching other Consultants, or waiting for the right moment - but there is nothing like just getting started and finding your own method of doing things.  Inspiration can't replace perspiration.


If you do all of these things by the time your kit arrives, you will already feel like you are more prepared! Don't worry if you have a lot to learn or feel nervous. You're here to take this one step at a time. This is just building the skeleton of your business to get you started on the right path.  The body comes after the frame - you've got this!

Please remember that this will take time to become used to your Back Office, what things mean, and how this Paparazzi business works. You have plenty of time. The goal is to GET STARTED!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or comment.  I don't mind helping where I can.  


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