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Facebook Business Page vs VIP Group - Features & Settings

Facebook has two main options for using the site as a platform for your Paparazzi business: Business Pages + Groups
The hot way to promote your biz is to have BOTH a Business Page (BP) and VIP group (VIP). I'll explain why those two are your best option and how to maximize using them to promote your business. I believe strong use of the two together is the way to go.

👠Business Page (BP)

Think of it as your 'store front'. It's not really a place to engage a lot; it's more your home base for sharing your media i.e. images, memes, videos, etc. You use your Business Page for it's features to put your info out there. It's your home base. I always begin any post, video, or album on my Business Page.

Pro Tip: Anytime you go live or upload a product, do so on your Business Page and then SHARE that post to your VIP Group and personal timeline.

Why not start with your personal timeline - why a Business Page?

Facebook algorithms at times drive personal timelines full of sales to the very bottom of everyone else's feed. From time to time you can go live on your personal timeline to spice up sales or get new views but 99% of your business needs to be on your BUSINESS page. That's the safest way to avoid Facebook jail or poor algorithms.

You can also use various methods to share an image like a brief video with music, a canvas (cool presentation-like method with text and links to your website), and a slideshow. Play around with the upload features. Get creative or ask me how to help you if it seems to be a bit much. You'll get the hang of it, the more you play with it.
You can also pay Facebook promotions to advertise or boost items like a LIVE video or picture. For example, using the Blockbuster necklace 'Love Story' with it's romantic pearls and rhinestones.....create a promotion with an audience of brides and weddings to recruit people to view your website.
Your Business page is also your homebase to promote your visibiilty as the algorithms don't limit viewers to only those that are part of it. Your Business Page can reach friends of friends of friends who've never heard of you. Knowing that, post an image on your Business Page first, then SHARE it to your timeline and VIP group. Your BP is wide open to the world to see.
Hints: If you see a funny video, copy the original URL and create a post in your Business Page. That gives YOU the credit for the views as well and then share it to your VIP. You want to be in charge of the content, not just sharing everyone else's content and giving them visibility.
BP's also have messaging capability, tracking of engagement, and I always promote my Hostess Parties from my BP by creating an Event. Don't forget to LINK your VIP group and Instagram accounts to your BP for further brand cohesiveness.
Also don't forget to ask for honest reviews to give your business a rating. Aim for those 5 stars!

Here are key features of Business Pages and Where To Find Them

On your Business Page's start screen (what you see when you go to your Business Page) you'll see a menu of options below your cover photo: Like, Follow, Share, and ...

You want people to 'like' your page. You can invite friends to like the page. You can also invite people to like your page when they interact with you. This is also a way that customers will see what you post. It's the same idea as being a Facebook 'friend'. They see your stuff.
Every time you post something, if you go to Notifications on the top of your Business Page (right under the Facebook search bar) you'll see people who liked, commented, emoji'd etc to your photos, videos, and posts.
Go through your notifications and read them. You will see a few where you can invite them to LIKE your page. After every Live video, make sure you check who liked/loved/etc emoji'd your video to see who you can invite to like your page.

Pro Tip: Check your notifications daily to see who you can invite to LIKE your BP
This is how customers know right away and get notified when you post stuff. Tell your customers that if they like your BP to please set their Notifications to "See First" and "On/Highlight Posts" that way YOUR BP shows up FIRST in their FB timeline.

Pro Tip: Speak of this often, share this info into your VIP Group. Have this as a giveaway option - tell customers to screenshot their settings to See First/On to be entered to win the giveaway item.
Here is a graphic I post as a comment with every giveaway so customers know how to LIKE & FOLLOW my Business Page.

When you want people to see your BP, do this often to people know to like and that you have this Page.
These three dots are where the meat and potatoes of your BP are. Don't let these go unnoticed.

All of the options below are under these 3 dots:

Edit Page Info (Hours, Contact Info)
View Insights (Statistics on views, likes, posts, etc. If you look at the menu on this option you can actually see each post, video, and HOW they were viewed and how often. Great info!)
View as Page Visitor (to see what your customers see)
Create Ad (Boost videos, posts, and photos to have FB show them to more than the people that like your page)
Create Event (I create an event for every live and invite people as well as share it to my BP as a post, to my VIP group as a post, and to my personal timeline as a post.)
Create Fundraiser (We can price items above $5 to donate the profit to a fundraiser, but this must be documented and is risky, I tend to not do this as I don't want to have to report it to my taxes and add more work. I tend to focus my giving on my VIP weekly giveaway and Hostess Rewards).
Create Group (to make a group)
Ads Manager (the hub to create, monitor, and edit your ads and review your advertising budget)
Create Page (make another page)
Unpin from Shortcuts (remove your page from your shortcuts on the left sidebar menu of Facebook)
Like As Your Page (to act on Facebook as your page and LIKE your own page)
Invite Friends (invite! invite!)
Create Milestone (use this to recognize top fans or a certain amount of likes - engage and make it fun, do a giveaway!)

Extra Options To Look At On Your Business Page

Take a look at the top menu right below the Facebook search bar. These are the most important aspects of how to use your Business Page. Don't worry if it seems like a lot at first, you'll slowly get used to it and find this easy and your best set of tools.

Your Home Page for your BP
This is separated into 2 sections. What messages you get and what comments you have. You can search customers by name to see anything they've written and to send them messages. Great tool!

The Comments & More section is where people claim items and talk to you. I follow up with every one.

Pro Tip: Check your Inbox & Comments Daily. Mark the ☑️ for Done.

You can navigate from the main (current messages and comments) to done and spam.

Pro Tip: If you have an Instagram account, you can link that to your Business Page and you will see comments/messages from Instagram here too.
See event stats and create events. I always make an event for every live. I upload a photo specifically for my lives that I created on PicMonkey (you may always use my VIP Group and BP as a model for your own). I set a date, time, and invite my Hostess to be a co-host. I also write in the description the various time zones my event correlates to.

You can see my past events here to see what info I include to help you create your own:
Creator Studio
You will be notified if you can receive monetization or payment from Facebook for your content. I am monetized. There is also copyright free music, ad content, and stats on your content.

Publishing Tools (This is also being merged with Creator Studio)
You can schedule posts here to be posted at a certain date/time.
THIS IS YOUR SWEET SPOT! Check this daily! I like to look at the shares, comments, likes and respond. If I see a notification to invite someone to like my page, I do it. This is my first thing I check daily with my BP.
Insights (stats)
More (everything here is available in the other tabs except for Page quality, that is where you check monetization and community standards i.e. Facebook jail or being reported)
Edit Page Info
This one has a huge left sidebar menu but it is important. You will see key ones I pay attention to such as Messaging. In messaging I have a key feature YOU WILL LOVE and want!

After you click Messaging from the Edit Page info menu, click Set Up Automated Responses, and then choose Frequently Asked Questions. Here is where you set up a cool feature that when people PM your BP they can see info that is important.

Here are my Frequently Asked Questions:
When are you live and where?
Do you have an item in stock?
How do I join Paparazzi and Become A Consultant?
How can I buy Paparazzi Jewelry?

Pro Tip: Answer each of these questions with links to your replicated website, VIP group, link to join Paparazzi, and your live schedule. HELPFUL!

You can also use the Messaging feature to get your direct PM link for people to get notified when you're live. You can also set up an AWAY message for when you are out of town.

Get familiar with this section.

Pro Tip: I have a greet customers option, return with enter key set to ON and an automatic window set up on my page to ON. That automatic window setting is what creates the pop up of Frequently Asked Questions for your customers when they visit your BP.
This one is a big one too. I have a few key things here that you'll want to set for your BP too.
Page Moderation - I typed in words that will automatically block someone for using such as profanity and troll words like couch, sofa, fridge etc to weed out filth and trolls.
Profanity Filter - strong
This is where you can also delete your BP.
Help - Great for finding out info - use this like Google
If the Business Page is the go-to for your Facebook content, why even have the VIP group? Good question! Groups on Facebook have different settings that a Business Page does not. Let's take a look at what those are.

👠VIP Group (VIP)

Consider your VIP group as your social club. It's where you go to have FUN with your customers! You want it to be catchy, your commercial, your blurb and fun spot. Here is where you offer giveaways (only on your VIP page) and where you post your latest inventory albums. You can also use your VIP group for an exlusive live once a week........something to keep it special.
I share funny memes, welcoming messages, morning/goodnight posts, giveaways, stories, sell inventory, and recruit for my hostess calendar on my VIP page. It's where the action is at.
Some unique aspects of a VIP Group are:

-Turning off comments (I do this after a New Release sells out)
-Opening a room (private video in group)
-Media to create albums for New Releases
-Announcements tab for reminders like How to Host a Party, Monthly Albums for LOTP + Fashion Fix, and any relevant things like going on vacation.
-Welcome new members post option - do this weekly
-Moderation Alerts set as keywords so if those are typed in your group it alerts you...great for using SOLD to track when items are claimed

I hope that helps to clarify between a Business Page and Group on Facebook and how to incorporate it into your Paparazzi business.. I use the BP for function and visibility, advertising, and offering the opportunity- SHARING the content to my VIP and timeline.
I use my VIP group as my social hub to engage with customers, do giveaways, chat, laugh, welcome, etc.  It's the fun spot to showcase New Releases, pre-orders for Fashion Fix + Life of the Party.  

Ultimately here is how I use each of these spots on Facebook:

Business Page = Go Live, track stats, link Shopify Shop with products (and tagged similar products) on FB, + Daily Giveaway
VIP Group = FUN, Pre-Orders/New Releases + Customer engagement
Hopefully this helps! Use them both to your advantage and watch your business grow!  There is no substitution for just taking time to click buttons and see where you go.  You can close the browser if you get lost.  You're the boss, babe!


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