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Paparazzi Promotions: Pink Friday 2017 Exclusive Pieces + Bag!

Paparazzi Promotions: Pink Friday 2017 Exclusive Pieces + Bag!
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Check out the exclusive pieces and cute bag that rolled into PINK FRIDAY in November 2017! This was my first Pink Friday and I was so so so floored - talk about swag!       


Item #PINK2017
Friday gift set! For ONE DAY only, you can stock up on this very special five-piece collection (while supplies last)!

Designed exclusively for our Pink Friday event, this elegant set contains a bold necklace, dramatic bracelet, show-stopping earrings, a one-of-a-kind ring, and a flirtatious hippie headband – all working together to create a cohesive, versatile look. These accessories can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down for a gritty, industrial feel. They are bold and beautiful and strategically designed with matching elements throughout each piece.

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This year's lineup were exclusive versions of existing Blockbusters.  Take a look!  Even cooler was that at some point nearly all of these made a comeback in the Back Office! If you love the silver version of 'Untamed' I still have these in stock! Comment below to grab one! 


Did it surprise you to see these Blockbusters in unique metals or colors? I know when I saw this come up as a promotion I was like, "Oh I gotta have that!".  I remember when the blue 'All the Trimmings' made a re-release after this Pink Friday and girl, did I stock up!

Were you a Consultant in 2017 like me? If so, did you get this set? I'd love to know!



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